Morning Meanderings…. Bookies Night In! (w/Poi results!)


Good morning!  Cup number two of coffee here….  deserved though… yesterday was pretty great. 😀

I had yesterday off work to catch up on my house which lacked some attention in the past few weeks.  Then I spent the late afternoon preparing for book club which was to be at my home… Hawaiian Style after reading Moloka’i.  Bookies – true to form brought this book to the next level with food like Chocolate Mochi, Hawaiian roast, Sweet Potato Casserole, seafood salad, pineapple… more on that later.  😉

As I mentioned yesterday I was going to try my hand at Poi; and I did.  It was not purple like I seen in the pictures on-line (still have not figured out why).  Warm, it tasted a little like a sticky potato product.  One of the girls said they heard it was better for you than potatoes. 


It was not super hard to make but of course I did not sit in the lawn in a grass skirt and pound it with a rock and a board… no, I used my handy blender.  Aloha!

Then the real test was the thickness.  There is one finger, two finger three finger poi, depending on how many fingers it takes for you to scoop it up.  I am proud to say that I made a one finger poi.


So that’s my night.  I need to get ready for work but watch for the Bookies thoughts on Molokai coming up later today. 😀

Any Poi makers out there?  Why was mine not purple?

11 Comments on “Morning Meanderings…. Bookies Night In! (w/Poi results!)

  1. Can’t say as it seems too appealing! LOL But the “better for you than potatoes” thing has my interest….

    • Right? I joked that why cant I make three cheese poi? Or fully loaded poi with bacon and sour cream? It really lacks something…..

  2. I’m with Jill, the poi doesn’t hold a lot of appeal. I’m surprised you didn’t wear a grass skirt to make it! lol

    • Kathy I just ran out of time…. I was running around and still changing clothes when the first Bookie arrived… I put on a flowery skirt and lei but that’s about it 😉

  3. Just like purple potatoes…they sort of fade when they are cut and fooled around with…maybe? Who knows?

  4. I think steaming them retains the color. Did you boil the taro root?

  5. You are SO cool. No idea why it isn’t purple but I wish it was purple. I love purple.

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