Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn


Camille Preaker would have been just fine if she had never stepped foot in her hometown again.  Yet working as a reporter comes with its nasty bits.

When two young girls are murdered where Camille grew up, her boss finds this to be a good opportunity to go back and investigate the story, after all these people know her and will open up to her.  Camille, knows better.

Back in her neurotic mothers home with her step dad and half-sister, Camille has unpleasant memories rush back.  As she investigates the story behind the two little girls, Camille is finding things to be too close to her own demons she carries… and what she is about to find out, may very well be the thing that unravels life as she knows it.




I listened to this audio for several reasons.  1.  A friend of mine recommended this book a few years back before Gone Girl ever existed.  2.  This is the author of Gone Girl which blew me away.  3.  Sharp Objects is going to be a movie and I had to take the time to know the story.

Results? Sharp Objects, if you can believe it – is a darker story than Gone Girl.  There are not very many likable qualities in Camille and her actions along the way felt jumbled for me and took away from the story line.  I personally feel that this protagonist could have been written in a completely different way and come out better.  But, that is just my opinion.

The creepy dark nature of many of the cast in this book left me with a bit of an uneasy feeling.  I didn’t love that feeling.  I wanted to know what was going to happen but over all I think if I would have been reading this book instead of listening to it I probably would have given up on it, or at least skimmed through some very strange parts.  (I will not even get started on Camille’s 13-year-old half-sister whose actions I felt were far-fetched and unbelievable.)

Sharp Objects has its mind-blowing moments.  Especially towards the end of the book I am tossed upside down and Gillian Flynn pulls an amazing flip of what I thought to be true and left me going…. “Holy Smokes”.  The woman can write amazing stories… this one just wasn’t for me.  Jury is still out if I will see the movie, I think some of the main subject lines will make this one a pass.




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  1. Interesting…neither my husband nor I was all that impressed with Gone Girl, but my husband read 3 Gillian Flynn novels and said Sharp Objects was his favorite by far! To each his own – good thing there are so many good books in the world, huh? I wanted to read it before the movie comes out, too.


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    • Hi Sue! Congrats on the merge 🙂 I will be curious as to what you think of this one – I am very visual so many of the things the protagonist does bothered me. I know a lot of people like this one though 🙂

  2. I’ve loved all of her novels and agree that this is the darkest/sickest of them all. I don’t remember being bothered by Camille, but do remember being creeped out by her sister.

    • Camille’s history with cutting was a bit much for me. I couldn’t figure out how she would be expected to solve a crime when her own inner demons seemed to consume so much of her. Are there more books? I will have to look and see what else she has written.

  3. Boy does that sound good! Have you seen a picture of Gillian Flynn – she looks so sweet and innocent. lol

  4. Sick is a great way to describe Sharp Objects. The sister was unnerving almost to the point of being unbelievable. I will not see this movie!

  5. I read this one after Gone Girl…and then went on to read Dark Places. I do love the way this author’s mind works.

    • She is creative and in Gone Girl I really loved all the twists and turns and even the darkness… this one just went to dark for me

  6. Not read Gone Girl yet. Must be one of the few who hasn’t. This sounds good as well.

  7. I loved Gone Girl very much too and am keen to try other books by her. Sounds like this isn’t as good as GG, but you say the twist is very good, so I will give this a try sometime anyway.

    • I would recommend giving it a try – I did hang in there…. and it is twisted and demented and everything else that people are saying 😉

    • I think I just realized she has three books not two… I am putting Dark Places (which I have not read) with Sharp Objects. Do I dare try Dark Places? EEP! 😯

    • ha, I actually thought Dark Places was the book of hers with the most hope!

  8. I read this one and listened to it a few years later. This might sound weird but I liked it better when I read it. I think that it is because this narrator is almost too good…she fits perfectly with how I imagined Camille to sound. It just made the book seem even darker when I listened to it 🙂 This is definitely an author to watch!

  9. I liked this one, but it is very dark and I totally know what you mean about it giving you an unsettling feeling. Still, I’ll probably continue to read everything she writes. Have you read Dark Places? That one is my favorite.

    • I am going to have to read Dark Places, in fact the more I hear the title… the more I think it was that one my friend recommended, not this one. 😆

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