Straight Flush by Ben Mezrich


When a group of College Frat boys in Montana stumble across an idea from taking their weekly poker game to an online game where people all over the world can play for real stakes, they had no idea what they were about to unleash. became one of the biggest online poker sites in the world, at one point making nearly a million dollars a day.  The group of misfit college boys took the business to Costa Rica where they lived a high life of booze, women, and cars dodging accusations of the United States of illegal handing of the games and new laws coming in to play for online gambling. 

Nothing that grows that big that fast can stay on top forever….




I wanted to listen to this audio because I really enjoyed and recommend the movie 21, which is based on this same story.  A group of college guys create something they think will be fun and maybe bring them in a little spending money and of course what happens in much bigger than any would have dreamed.

While based on a non fiction take of what happened, many online articles and reviews grumble at the accuracy of this book.  I for one enjoyed the listen, finding it interesting, just as I did with Social Network.  If not for the move 21, and this book, I would know nothing at all of this scandal that all came crashing down in 2007.

4 thoughts on “Straight Flush by Ben Mezrich

  1. I thought that the movie 21 was based on a different book? Maybe I’m thinking if a different poker book. My hubby was addicted to the online poker many years ago.

  2. I often wonder how people have the courage to start up such extravagant ventures! Maybe the thrill drives them. Whatever it is this sounds like a good one

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