The Accidental Book Club by Jennifer Scott


Recently widowed Jean Vison never dreamed she would be running a book club.  Yet when you gather a few friends together to come over and bring food and wine, you pick a date, and you talk about a book…

Jean guessed that it what it was.

Loretta finds what she is lacking in her marriage within the pages of the books she chooses to read.

Dorothy’s home life with her out of control sons makes book club the idea l place to take a break from the norm.

May is always good for sharing her latest dating disasters.

Mitzi who always finds some underlying political agenda in every book – EVERY book.

And quiet Janet who keeps her voice low, her nose in the book, but can speak up when she needs to.


When Jean’s life takes an unsuspected turn and she is asked to take care of her delinquent granddaughter Bailey while Bailey’s parents try to salvage their marriage… things in book club become real very fast.

There’s something about a book club that brings everyone to a deeper level….



It’s not hard to please me.  Put a word in a book title like “book Club, book store, _____________’s wife”, and I take a closer look.  Yes, The Accidental Book Club drew me in by its title…. but it held me, with the story line.

Set with a cast of mismatched characters (as any book club will have) The Accidental Book Club is just what it should be…. a hot mess of women centered around a good or not so good book.  Toss is a little teenage angst and you have yourself a story!

Our protagonist Jean is still recovering from the loss of her husband.  Inviting a group of women in to her home and into her life is a big step for her but she is enjoying it.  Add in a granddaughter she barely knows and things become a bit crazy not only for Jean, but for the rest of the book club as well.

Hey… we all have our stuff right?

The Accidental Book Club is a quick fun read with a cast of assorted characters that will keep you wondering, what will they read next?





9 thoughts on “The Accidental Book Club by Jennifer Scott

  1. Sounds like a book I’d really enjoy. I like to read books with book clubs in them too.

    Did the author include the books that the group read? I have read some books where the author will somehow incorporate the books read by the book group and apply it to what the characters are going through in their lives. I think The Jane Austen Book Club might have done that a little but it has been years since I read it so I am not positive.

  2. This sounds like a terrific read. I can’t help myself – I just HAVE TO ADD it to my already tumbling over TBR pile. Thanks for feeding my addiction. ;-D

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