Morning Meanderings…. I Have a Problem….


Good morning!  Hope you are reading awesome things!

I did mention I have a problem….

Confession:  I like cold water.  COLD water.  In fact I like water so cold, I like to put bottles of water in the freezer until they get “slushy” that is the perfect temp of water.  You may be thinking, “Sheila, why don’t you just drink ice water?”  and you would be ok thinking that – I do like ice water… but I REALLY like the little ice chips that form when it is slushy because in essence… I am drinking ice. 😀

So here is the thing…  I do this at home…

a lot.

And, I do this at work…

a lot.

It is clearly a task of knowing when to remove said water bottle out of the freezer before it reaches the “full ice” phase, where are which point it is too frozen and now must be fully thawed to room temp and started again.

I do this A LOT.

And so here is the problem.

On my kitchen counter right now…. yesterdays sacrificial water. 🙂

Recently at work we had an all hands on deck cleaning day…. we spent the entire morning cleaning, vacuuming, shampooing, and dusting and tossing out things in the office areas, the conference room, and yes the kitchen. I chose to help in the kitchen as the refrigerator is always a pet peeve of mine…

at least until we opened the freezer.

I kid you not…. we removed 16 frozen water bottles from the freezer.


Yes…. all mine.


So….. embarrassing.

What happens is this… I bring in water to work with me and put them in the freezer.  And yes, I become busy forget about them and come in the next day this new water (after all, yesterdays is frozen!) and put that in the freezer….

and yes, forget about them.

I am trying to break the habit…

there is worse things I could do right?


Busy day today – prepping for a HUGE garage sale this Saturday at church.  I have been working to “spring clean” my home as well as help organize the sale items coming in.  Its going to be great… but the end of the weekend I suspect I am going to be wiped out 🙂



7 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…. I Have a Problem….

  1. You are not alone! In my quest for icy cold water I’ve blown up water bottles too. My solution … or compromise depending on how you look at it … are those frozen can holders. They fit perfectly on the small bottles of water, but then there is no slushy icy water either. And yes, I’m still freezing the water bottles!

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