The Unbearable Book Club For Unsinkable Girls by Julie Schumacher


Summer was here and 16-year-old Adrienne Haus’s best friend was off with her family for summer and Adrienne was left at home stuck with her knee in a brace.  Adrienne’s mom signed them both up for a mother daughter book club to give them something they could do together.

Popular girl Cee Cee was signed up for the book club as well with her mother after Cee Cee ruined the family car and had her summer trip to Pris cancelled as a result.

Jill and her mother joined as well, as did a quiet outcast of a girl names Wallis who’s mom never was available to join in.

The four girls were not friends, instead they referred to themselves as “literary prisoners” and named the group “The Unbearable Book Club”.  Yet through the summer, and through the discussion of 5 books…

anything can happen.



Why did I choose this book?  Honestly, two reasons, one was, I am always drawn to books with certain words in the title.  ‘Book Club’ happens to be one of those catch words for me.  Second reason, the audio length.  This book on audio is just over three hours and I wanted something light and fun.

The Unbearable Book Club is both light and fun.  Some of my favorite parts in the book was when the girls would discuss the book they were reading… (honestly it drove me to the internet so I could look up some of the titles!)  Yellow Wallpaper, Frankenstein, The Left Hand Of Darkness, The House On Mango Street, and The Awakening.  Quite the selection of books for one summer. 

While the girls were not written very deep, I did like their differences in personalities which lends itself well to the book.  Perhaps my favorite character is Adrienne’s single mom who never married or discusses Adrienne’s dad, but works hard at having a good relationship with her daughter.  She is both patient and witty and puts up with a lot of teenage (dare I say crap?) angst throughout this read.

The book is not perfect – the books they read as a group surprised me a bit, a couple of them quite mature for the age of the girls reading them.  There are a few things left unfinished in the book and while I loved the narrators bubbly voice, I found her voice to seem younger than the teenage girls she was portraying.

Overall, it makes for a good “sit on the deck with a cold glass of ice tea and dont take too seriously” read.  It is quick and at times delightful, and when I thought I knew for sure how it was going to end it surprised me.  I like to be surprised by a book. 🙂






14 thoughts on “The Unbearable Book Club For Unsinkable Girls by Julie Schumacher

  1. This almost sounds like a literary breakfast club of teen girls. I like the concept and books that bring together characters through a common denominator.

  2. Just finished it this morning, so I thank you for the recommendation! Plus, Schumacher seems to be a MN transplant! Had fun with all the incarnations the girls had for the name of their book club.

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