Morning Meanderings…. Eternal Winter



Will it ever stop?


Last night started the freezing rain… I was up town running a women’s groups and you could hear it outside – just pouring.  This morning I wake up the snow end of the storm.  Snow.  Again. And wind.  Not an April fools joke…I am looking at, snowing like it is December.  I am ready to hop on a plane and run away to somewhere warm and where the sun (I believe there is still a thing called the sun) shines and the planet we live on actually warms. 

Sigh memories.

This is a pic from my front window this morning. I did not have the heart to go outside and take a picture.

No wonder with all the world battling different forms of this crap that we are in a funk. GAH.  POO.

A readers salvation?


This is my book room (once our home office) and spending some time in it makes me happy.  Over the weekend I put away the books I picked up at the Spring (ha ha spring… I laugh at thee!) Library sale.

Does anyone else find browsing through books therapeutic?  😉

Today I work and I am debating if I put out the “Who wants to go see Divergent” text today or not…. I do want to see it, just trying to find the time. 😀


17 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…. Eternal Winter

  1. The view from your back deck reminds me of my back deck and view when we lived in northern Michigan. It often snowed there regularly until May. Now a Floridian, please don’t hate me 🙂 Your library room makes me happy, too!

  2. Absolutely. I love your book room. It is like a cocoon. If I’m stressed or angry – a riffle through my books or just looking from one to the next and reminding myself of what’s inside is like saying hello to some old friends. For therapy in Eastbourne, England, there is this magic second hand book shop called “Camillas” which is four floors stuffed full of all types of books you can imagine. You truely can get lost and I NEVER get out without books or having been in there at least 1-2 hours. Its magic. Unfortunatey raining here too, if that helps.

  3. I thought it was bad here! At least we got into the 60s yesterday. The rest of the week will be rainy and 40. Darn Illinois. Love your bookroom, when we buy I hope I can have a bookroom as well! Definitely helps me to browse through books. I’m a booksniffer too 🙂 Best compliment I ever got was when my older sister told me our apartment smelled like new books.

  4. Nothing is more soothing then being in a room full of books! Love your library…that’s awesome!

    I live in Ohio and the endless snow has been brutal – I understand your frustration. It seems like spring will never get here!

    I haven’t read the Divergent series, yet and am still debating if I will enjoy it or not.

  5. I do find browsing through books therapeutic and I love your book room. I guess I shouldn’t mention that its sunny and the trees are blooming and that its going to be about 59 degrees today?

  6. I love browsing books, there is nothing I like doing more than rearranging my books and leafing through the pages remembering the stories they tell (oh and putting my TBR in order too)

  7. Oh my stars. I get depressed just looking at that picture. You poor dear.
    At least you have that beautiful book den. That is a seriously impressive collection btw.

  8. I knew that pic wasn’t for April Fools – our news last night showed the storm tracking north and this time it missed us. We did get the icy wind and freezing cold. Which is still here. I am ready to jump on that plane too in a desperate search for sun.

  9. I’m in Hawaii haha please don’t delete me! And yes I find books very therapeutic! These are the books I brought to read on my trip: Travelers Tales Hawaii, West of Then, and My time in Hawaii!

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