Morning Meanderings… Plethora of Books (or preparing for the Book Apocalypse)


Happy Sunday!  What a L O N G week.  Yesterday was a great day of relaxing, reading (yes yes – I read!!!!!  Thank you Harlan Coben for yet another un-put-downable treasure!).  I cleaned up the book room, and between the books I brought home from the library sale and the books and audio that came in this past week…  I am ready for any book apocalypse and you are all invited over to survive with me.  No shortage of books here 😉



I looked up “plethora” this morning to use in my post.  I wanted to be sure I was using the word correctly 😉 .  I do not particularity like the meaning… definitely excess yes, but too many or too much?

What’s too much?


Any way – that’s my thought this morning.  After church I am on my way to the cities to a camp board meeting.  Admittedly I normally do not mind these two-hour drives as I can listen to audio but today I will have two other ladies with me in my car so no audio for me…. I know I know… I can try to not be such an introvert and actually talk with them.  😛

One more thing, we need to post a winner of the library book sale book win –

and that winner is:

Lexi Swoons

Lexi’s choice if she won was SPEAK and since I have already read that book I will be sending it off to her as soon as I have her address.  Thanks Lexi!

Have a super Sunday!

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  1. Too many and too much can never apply when it comes to books… No sireeee.

    I hope you have a lovely week Sheila!


  2. Lovely stack! Enjoy…I see Invisible Ellen there, which I received in my mailbox this week.

  3. Never enough books, that is my thought. What would folks do if they finished a book and didn’t have another ready to take its place immediately. I don’t smoke, but I liken it to a chain-smoker without a new pack. Motto: always be prepared for whatever mood you are in to read 🙂

  4. While I like to say there is no such thing as too many books, my husband strongly disagrees, and to be honest, when you more unread books on your shelves than you could read in like a decade, it’s probably a teensy bit much. 🙂

  5. The funny thing is this…I pile books on my Kindle Paperwhite the way you collect real books…I get rid of real books as soon as I can!

  6. Plethora is such a good word!

  7. One never can have too many books! Either on the Kindle or on the shelves! And I loved Harlan Coben’s latest book – GREAT suspense!

  8. That’s one reason why I wish I had the car to myself more. I miss audios in the car!

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