Morning Meanderings… “Sheila, Do You READ Books Anymore?”


Good morning. 

As I have been writing reviews lately I have noticed that almost every time I am saying, “I listened to this one on audio” or “The narration really lended this one to a degree that I am not sure it would have reached in book format….”

Yes… almost every time I am writing audio reviews.

It’s not that I am not picking up books… it is just that it is taking me a while to get through them. As I try to figure out why that is part of it is that in the evenings I have been watching tv with the hubby instead of reading. On weekends I am busy running around or cleaning so that is audio time… and I think this long winter has attributed to it as well… instead of reading, I am turning on the tv at night, half watching the show, and half playing scrabble on my laptop.  😯

Hmmmm…. something has got to give 😉

I am hopeful that this weekend will lend to a little reading time.  It has been a busy week (again) I have been helping a friend with a family members funeral that will take place this afternoon.  I ran this past weekend after the book sale ended, and Sunday I have a board meeting in the cities. 

It has been a whirlwind week.  I am ready for it to slow down a bit and allow book time 🙂

19 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… “Sheila, Do You READ Books Anymore?”

  1. Same here! So far this year I’ve listened to twice as many books as I’ve read. I’m blaming part of it on winter – I enjoy sitting outside and reading and that hasn’t happened in ages, plus I’m just getting better at listening while I do other things, so more audio time.

  2. If it doesn’t happen to you, you either live on a lonely island, do not work, have no children, family or friends without a TV. I have these periods all the time, especially when I break my rule of “not starting to watch anything with more than two parts” as you get sucked in, which leaves you with being the only person in this world who has only started watching Breaking Bad. And why you now ask does break her rule NOW – because husband and kids think it is really unsocial to stick my nose into a book instead of watching a teacher go bad. Heyho, two hours before they all come home today! Plus enjoy reading your non-book posts as well

  3. Do you ever want a less busy life? I was just wondering…you seem to be a joiner, a giver…but do you ever feel the need to step back…drop a few things? It seems as though you love everything you do…but do you ever just want to resign from something? Again…it sounds as though you love everything you do but I was thinking about your Friday night run…after a long week…I want comfy sweats, a glass of wine, the sofa…you…on the other hand…are fired up to run a race!

    1. I do crash and burn occasionally Patty but you are right, I love everything i do so it is hard to say no 🙂 I was looking forward to this past week as being quieter but with the funeral I have been in go mode…. helping out, even making bee houses… more on that probably tomorrow 🙂

  4. I can relate so much because that’s exactly how my year is going. I guess that’s life – I’m sure we’ll cycle back around to more printed books at some point.

  5. Audiobooks have become increasingly hard for me. My ears have gotten more and more sensitive and sometimes when I take out the buds, my ears ring and ache! I sure wish I had half your energy, Sheila!

    1. I dont use the buds – unless I am mowing. I use my phone for audio and bought an external speaker ($14.00 at Walmart) to make it louder so I can cook and clean and still be able to hear the audio as I move throughout the house 😉

  6. I started driving to work more regularly about a year ago and as a result my audiobook consumption increased massively and I managed to get through some pretty big books that way. I don’t tend to listen except when I am driving. Having said that, because I don’t have the reading time on the train the number of books that I am reading has reduced too!

  7. I’m struggling to find time to read also. I used to spend hours with a book in hand. Hoping the upcoming summer will allow me to sit in the garden and enjoy this great pleasure again

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