Morning Meanderings… Book Club and Office Shenanigans


Good morning happy Tuesday and all that it will bring!  Tonight is Bookies book club so I am *SUPER* excited about that!  We are reviewing The Secret Life Of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd.  Yes, surprisingly most of us had never read it, including myself.  I listened to it on audio and am excited to report that it was a wonderful narration!  My review of the book will go up later today and tomorrow I will share the Bookies thoughts and the book club goodies we added to the review. 😀

That takes me to my office….

When I went into the office on Monday this was by one of my co-workers desks:


We are in a building where there are many businesses.  This actually belongs to the yarn lady downstairs from us.  I am guessing that maybe she left her items in the hallway over the weekend and someone picked them up and brought them up to us so no one stole them or knocked them over.  When I sent this picture to my co-worker (who does not work until Wednesday) with a “?” he responded that he left a ransom note for the yarn lady to come and get them. 


by Tuesday this is what happened:



“Miss Mabel” as I have come to call the mannequin bust, has been moved onto the said co workers chair now and has taken over his desk.  Surprisingly… I had nothing to do with this one, although I am a little annoyed that I did not think of it (stupid head cold!).

Final thoughts this morning, well… err…. I mean for this post.  Hopefully not final thoughts for the morning as I am on my way into work and that would leave me much like Miss Mabel… just sitting there….  😉  Anyhoo…. final POST thoughts, we had a 53 degree day yesterday here in Minnesota.  Seriously – a heat wave.  Doors and windows were open and spirits lifted.  It is supposed to remain in the 30’s all week.



8 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Book Club and Office Shenanigans

  1. Miss Mabel is so fashionable LOL I look forward to reading your review of The Secret Life of Bees. I thought I was the only one who hadn’t read it yet.
    Have a terrific Tuesday, Carolyn

  2. How funny! Nice to work in a place where a little fun comes out now and then.
    I really liked the book The Secret Life of Bees. Haven’t read the author’s most recent book but have read some of the others she has written.

  3. My office used to have fun but not anymore. This place has gone to the birds. So, I am glad you shared your office hijinks or I’d have no fun at all.

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