My Cup Of The Grammys 2014


Good morning! No idea how I fell off the face of the blog yesterday… but it happens…

and it happened to me. 🙂

(Probably because I was still out of coffee in the house and not thinking clearly….)

All is well today though – coffee is in my cup and the world is all shiny again.

On Sunday evening I watched the Oscars.  I NEVER watch the Oscars.  Oscars to me is something I recap the next day to see if there are any movies I should add to my “want to see” list.  This year though some of the movies up for awards had caught my attention, Twelve Years A Slave, Gravity, and new to me but now on my radar as one I want to see, The Dallas Buyers Club. I also really appreciate Ellen and was curious how she would do up against the harshness of the Grammy press and movies that dealt with hard topics.

Fill up your coffee cup…. what I am about to write is my “One Cup Of Coffee” recap of the Oscars….. and go!

  • Ellen was wonderful, right from the start she was funny, mentioning the oldest person in the room (84)up for a Grammy and then repeating it loudly for her “I AM LETTING THEM KNOW YOU ARE UP FOR A GRAMMY”
  • AND Ellen was down to earth and that is really what I loved.  She walked through the aisles instead of staying on stage.  She announced actors while sitting in their seats.  She was, well, Ellen.

This next person needs no introduction.  However, if I do not introduce him, he will not know when to come out on stage.  Please welcome, Brad Pitt.

  • And the speeches!  There were some wonderful speeches.  Jaret Ledo was the reason I googled Dallas Buyers Club and am not sure I had never heard of this movie, or probably more to the point, never heard what it was about.

  • And we can not forget Lupita Nyongo, who won for 12 Years A Slave and her speech brought tears to my eyes.

  • When Ellen had pizza delivered that was pretty sweet.
  • BUT I think the best moment was the Selfie pic, the pic that I am sure you heard by now…. broke Twitter. Tweeted and re-tweeted over 2 million times Ellen’s brilliant tweet broke the Twitter record (and caused Twitter to has technical errors)


Yes, the Oscars went long and there is some grumbling about that.  I personally think Ellen made the whole event instead of a stuffy politely clap at the appropriate moments event, more of a fun party with friends celebrating each other. 

The Grammy’s had 28.5 million viewers.  It is said that it was a bigger turn out than the Friends finale.  WHOA.

If you watched it count yourself in the numbers of seeing something pretty spectacular.  If you missed it (you know watching Walking Dead, Amazing Race, or perhaps reading a good book…), try to catch some highlights on line.  😀

My cup is empty, time for a refill.  Have an awesome day!


7 thoughts on “My Cup Of The Grammys 2014

  1. I usually always watch every second of the Oscars but this year, we were in Vegas and couldn’t just sit in the hotel room. I did see up until that Tweet pic – which I helped retweet. I didn’t even know that it almost broke Twitter. Too funny.

  2. I wish I could have watched the Oscars this year. I am glad that Twelve Years a Slave won for Best Picture. I am looking forward to seeing the movie. Ellen sounds like a really fun host compared to some of the others.

  3. I figured with Ellen as host it would be a good show. I only saw bits and pieces of it but I did catch the pizza delivery, which was hysterical.

  4. I watched this year and I never ever do either. I’m usually a preshow and go kind of girl. I liked it though. I was thrilled with Matthew’s speech and win and LOVED all the gowns and vibe.

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