Morning Meanderings… Weekend Time Suck Vortex


What a great low-key weekend.  The winter storm on Thursday and Friday cancelled my plans and kept me inside, and the aftermath of slick roads and warnings kept me from going to the cities yesterday for a run with my friends today, I have completed some tiny tasks and enjoyed a nice quiet weekend.  Quite a different feel then the past few weeks of activity.

I have spent time listening to audio while cooking and cleaning, and even some time reading.  I updated the Wine and Words website and announced our author line up.  I rented a movie for my husband and I that scared me (The conjuring).  I napped.  I talked with friends on the phone and ran a bit on the treadmill.  I finished watching the second season of New Girl and I will miss them.  I have barely left the house and that is ok. 

Today I have also decided to lay low.  The week will take off soon enough with dinner plans tomorrow night with friends, a library board meeting mid-week, and board planning for camp next Friday.  March will bring a possible Polar Plunge, a ST Patrick’s Day Run, a girls weekend in Detroit Minnesota, the spring library sale, and a glow in the dark run

I guess today is a good day to relax. 😀  Books, reviews, treadmill, and cooking are on the agenda.  Here are the the books that came in my home this week:


4 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Weekend Time Suck Vortex

  1. I agree with, Kathy, I love no pressure week ends…I love no pressure! Feet up, glass of wine, good book, dinner planned! I bet Al loved it!

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