Movie Review: Monument Men


Last weekend for Valentine’s Day Al (hubby) and I went to the movie Monuments Men.  While normally anything has to do with war would be a thumbs down for me, the great movie trailer and the all-star cast had me curious.  It also helped that I had recently read about the Monuments Men while readingThe Roses Underneath by C.. Yetmen).  I am ashamed to say, prior to that reading, I didn’t know such a  group existed.

Monuments Men is about the very real group of Men that were tasked during WWII to go into war-torn areas and save the most important pieces of art and culture of our time.  As said in the movie,

If you destroy their achievements, their history, it’s like they never existed.

"The Monuments Men" - Los Angeles Photo Call

If you are thinking Monuments Men was a cushy job (in reality or in the movie) think again.  These men put their lives at risk right alone side others who fought in the war.  Lives were lost and art was saved….  all in all a brilliant enlightening movie.


Now… Monuments Men is not getting the best rating.  Said to be an “aw shucks buddy” type comedy, directed and acted in by George Clooney, it is falling into some poo ratings.  My husband while liking the story of the Monuments Men, was not as impressed with the movie as I was.  Honestly, I may be an easy sell… teach me something new and I want to know more.  Now I want to read the book, Monuments Men by Robert Edsel.

I hope you will give this movie a try.


23 thoughts on “Movie Review: Monument Men

  1. I actually heard the author of the book speak and I thought the whole story was fascinating but I haven’t heard great things about the movie. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Wait? It’s a bit comedic? For some reason I had it pegged as a drama. If it’s light-hearted and teaches me something, count me in.

    1. I have been seeing it referred to as a comedy but I dont think that is accurate – light drama… its never heavy and how could it be with actors like John Goodman and Bill Murray? 😀 Quite the motley crew….

  3. I had heard of the book from Bookalicious Mama who is doing readalongs for books being made into movies. You have me curious to read the book and see the movie.I am not usually a fan of war movies either but this is an interesting twist since its focused more on saving art and a nations treasures.

  4. It hasn’t gotten good reviews? (I haven’t been paying attention. I didn’t even know this was out yet!) It’s George Clooney. It’s George Clooney not being utterly serious. With Matt Damon and John Goodman. How can this not be excellent! (I might be biased…)

  5. Jason and I saw it last night and fall into the lukewarm reviewers. I loved the cast, but did feel like the lighthearted ‘comedic’ moments took away from the story. We both still liked it, but didn’t love it.

  6. The book sounds fascinating. And I’ll give the movie a try too. I didnt know really anything about these men who were saving the Art before. Glad for this story

  7. I am willing to give it a try because of the cast of awesome men in the movie, though I am not a huge war fan nor a huge fan of WWII films. I like the story behind the movie about saving the art, etc.

  8. I never go to theaters anymore, Sheila, but I’m looking forward to this one coming out on DVD. The one I’ve REALLY been waiting for (no, I’m not obsessively thinking about it lol), is “Saving Mr. Banks” with Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson. I’m such a Disney person AND Mary Poppins fan, I actually considered spending the money on this one when it was in the theaters. Thing is, I always forget and then the movie’s out of the theater anyway! lol

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