Morning Meanderings… Books In The House!


Good morning!  Popping in to let you know that a few books hit the mailbox and doorstep this past week…


There are some amazing titles here I can not wait to sink into! 

I am off to get ready for church now but this afternoon this will be the project:


Scary right?  😯  I bought a better treadmill for running.  Now I just have to put it together.. 🙂

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  1. I hope you love your treadmill. I use mine almost every day and feel like a real slacker when I don’t. LOL

  2. Hope you like Pearls and Poison, which I also have to read. Nice set of books this week!
    Book Dilettante

  3. I got Missing You as well. Good luck getting the treadmill together!

  4. My daughter puts things together for me…I cannot imagine doing it myself, although I wish I could. Enjoy the books. I’m looking forward to getting Lost Lake.

  5. Oooo, Lost Lake! I love Allen’s books.

  6. Best of luck with the treadmill!

  7. I just started an excerpt of Missing You(first 2 chapters) and am enjoying it. Harlan Coben is one of my favorite authors and I follow him via email, FB, and Twitter. I’ve read 3 of his books, own several others, and have some on my wish list.

    I also own a treadmill which I don’t use as much as I should. Hubby and my daughter(81/2) enjoy assembling things. The only problem is sometimes he takes something apart and can’t put it back together. One of my pressure cookers was a casualty loss of this. The handle was loose and he took it off but…

    • I really love Harlan too, I think I have read everything the man has written:) My hubby is super busy running our business we own so I have learned to be pretty self sufficient… if I want something move – I move it, if I need to put something together… I figure it out 😀

  8. Looks like you’ve got quite a project there 🙂 Enjoy your new treadmill! And, your new books. I just got the egalley of the Harlan Coben book so I’m looking forward to it too!

  9. I loved LOST LAKE (I have yet to create my review!). I love all her books.I’ll be interested to see what you think. 🙂 And good luck on the treadmill construction. beth

  10. Good luck putting that together and enjoy your new books!

  11. I love book mail photos! Hubby and I got an elliptical at beginning of January. The first workout was just getting the thing up and running, but we love it. I have no excuse now, even if the weather is bad. I like to watch music videos while I use it. What do you like to watch/listen to while you work out?

  12. Just started reading Lost Lake! I bought a treadmill and then took up kickboxing (back in the 90s). Have fun with yours.

  13. So, how’s your foot? 😀 And are you in the middle of the Greenberg book? Very curious…

    • Foot is good today thanks 🙂 A little pain on the top but I was able to put my shoe on and walk without limping. 🙂 I am in the middle (I think) of the Greenberg book. I hope to finish it up either tonight or tomorrow 😉

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