Morning Meanderings… Gift Or Entrapment? You Be The Judge ;)


So it is Saturday!  *yay yay people applauding and dancing in the streets*  Saturdays are my ABSOLUTE favorite day of the week 🙂  They are usually the only day I have where I choose what I do with my day without any “have to’s”.  Love that.

In honor of this weeks Saturday Snapshot, I thought I would share with you a little visual story for (hopefully) your enjoyment.

Back story:  This Sunday is my birthday.

So…. yesterday I meet my dear friend Gail for coffee at Cocoa Moon.  Great name for a coffee shop right?  😀  Gail has brought me a beautiful gift bag for my birthday.  We have coffee… we chat books, life, the strange dude who keeps peering through the window of the coffee shop at us, and weekend plans.

Gail asks me to open my gift.

*SQQQUUEEEE!  I thought she would never ask!*

I start with the top tissue layer and in that is…


Ok…. YUM! 

Then I unwrap the next layer of tissue and….


Shut the back door!  Wine sleep pants!  AWESOME!  (Gail is my co-chair for Wine and Words)

So I have wine pants…. I unwrap the final tissue layer and….


Here are the words!  A BEAUTIFUL copy of Gone With The Wind in a nice hard case. 

Gone With The Wind is one of Gail’s all time favorite books.  She knows I have never read it.  (don’t look so shocked…. I have said this before 😯 )  The gift all goes together, I am supposed to get comfy in the sleep pants and enjoy the tasty goodies while curled up with Gone With The Wind. 

Gift or Entrapment?  I think… a little of both – but in a good way. 😀  Now that I have a lovely copy of Gone With The Wind I do want to stick my nose in it.  And yes, possibly while wearing the pants and having the chocolate… maybe… just maybe….


Ok ok… I will put this book into action and will read Gone With The Wind in 2014.  It is written. 😉  Thanks Gail!

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Today I am meeting my College Son who wants to hang out for the day in ST Cloud together for my birthday.  He is taking me to lunch and Barnes and Noble, and maybe a movie.  😀  I haven’t seen him since Christmas so this is exciting!

Oh!  And if you have not seen my super fun and awesome giveaway that ties in with the blog hop going on now with a bonus birthday opportunity from me, please checkout my post about that … I think you will be excited about what  I am offering!

Have a SUPER Saturday!

41 Comments on “Morning Meanderings… Gift Or Entrapment? You Be The Judge ;)

  1. Adorable post. Huge fan of the dark chocolate.

  2. Happy birthday! What a wonderfully thoughtful gift. I’ve never read that book either, hope you enjoy it. And wine glass sleep pants…wow I want some of those 🙂

  3. Wow. Chocolate, sleep pants, and a beautiful book. Aweesommmme!

  4. Happy Birthday!!! Wow, and the best part of all, you get to spend some time with your son. (BTW – I can’t believe you are old enough to have a college age son!)
    Have a wonderful day. Curl up with some chocolate and a book (preferably GONE WITH THE WIND).

  5. Happy Birthday! It’s so awesome when people choose gifts with the recipient in mind. The chocolate looks delish! I LOVE dark chocolate. I’ve always wanted to try those different flavors. Hubby gave me a copy of GWTW for my first b-day gift after we got married. I started to read it a couple times but never finished. Maybe someday… But I will always treasure it.

    It looks like you’ll have a great b-day celebration in store — quality time with your son, B & N, a movie… Enjoy!

  6. I bought a pretty copy of Gone with the Wind and I still haven’t read it… I hope you are more successful!

  7. I knew you would be reading Gone with the Wind eventually! It’s really very good. I read it a couple of times and I rarely re-read. And Happy Birthday. 🙂

  8. Ha! You fell into my trap! Can’t wait ’til you finish the book and we can watch the movie together! Happiest Birthday wishes, dear friend! Enjoy your day 🙂

  9. Oh, it’s such a pretty book! I haven’t read it yet either if it makes you feel any better. 🙂 I own a copy though so that I can dive in when the mood strikes me. I hope you have had a wonderful birthday!

  10. awww spoilt, those beautiful hard cover classics that you don’t normally buy for yourself are lovely to receive as a gift, And chocolate and cute sleep pants … lucky you!

  11. What a thoughtful gift. And yes you will have to read GWTW now- I haven’t read it either- perhaps not so much of a crime for an Australian.

  12. You got some great gifts! I seriously love the wine sleep pants! 🙂

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