Morning Meanderings… The Trials and Triumphs of Owning Three Dogs


Good morning!  Friday! Lots of good adventures coming today and throughout the weekend and I am sitting here with COFFEE CUP on the cusp of my day but instead… doing nothing. 🙂

It will get busy soon. 😉

My regular readers know we have three dogs.  I did not mean to have three dogs.  Two years ago we were down to just Bailey, our now 16-year-old shih tzu.  Then Sammy (estimated at the time to be a year and a half) came along in April 2012… a stray, abandoned, unwanted cute as a button and homeless and we took him in.  Three months later we rescued Mater, an abused Beagle/Basset hound, about 4 months old and in need of a “forever home”.

Left: Sammy, then Mater

It’s funny because while they can be really fun they are also a real handful.  For instance, there is no such thing as giving one of them a taste of whatever you are eating… IE a burger or popcorn.  Nope, that is three faces looking up at you so everything is three tastes.  On the bright side… I think I may eat less 😀

Just this week I was going to give them a bone.  I buy these real meat bones from the meat department at our grocery store.  They like them a lot and the vet says it is good for their teeth.  I realized I only had two bones left in the package I had bought.  Two bones… three dogs.  I had some rawhide bones too so I gave Sammy and Mater the real bones, and gave Bailey, who doesn’t have as many teeth as the younger ones, a rawhide bone. 

I am not proud of what I did.  😯

Well, it was like having three children and one received something different.  Bailey looked at the other bones… then at his.  Then…

at me.

I felt like poo.

Thankfully I dug around in the refrigerator and did find another lone bone from another package that I was saving because I did not have enough to give all of them.  Lesson learned.  I need three of everything. 😀


Sammy and Bailey too – to the right 😉

In about 45 minutes I have coffee with a friend, then a meeting at the library, followed by a few errands to run and ending up at the gym by early afternoon. Book review up later and later yet… a fun kickoff tot he weekend post you will not want to miss. 😀

How is your weekend shaping up?  Any plans?

15 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… The Trials and Triumphs of Owning Three Dogs

    1. The weather has really been awful this winter… we have had so many chill days with temps dipping to 30 below zero. A friend of mine just told me that their heating bill went over $1,000 last month. 😯 How can people afford that?

  1. I have had multiple pets in my younger years, but right now we just have one cat… We are ‘cat-sitting’, though, and the guy can’t figure out that he has to feed the cats at the same time. Our cat is going to be a blimp by the time the visiting cat goes home.

  2. Awww! You are so fortunate to have so many dogs to love. i’ve wanted a dog since we got married (45 years in March). Hubby is resisting. I keep telling him, if he goes before me, the first thing I’m doing after the funeral is replacing him with a dog. 🙂

    1. My hubby keeps telling me that Mater and Sammy are mine. It is true that I brought them into the home (both of them) without consulting… counting on his love of dogs to soften his heart 😉 SO far… so good… I do now however think I would get away with a 4th (nor…. do I want to!)

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