The Broken Path by Cami Checketts


Ethan Searle is a good looking guy by all accounts.  With his legs injured in an accident as a child, he feels that when women do look at him it is with pity.  Love has been something that has never really worked out for him.

Then one day while leaving church, Ethan catches the eye of two year old Britton and he thinks this beautiful little girl may have just stole his heart away.  Unfortunately, one look from Britton’s mother Autumn as she at first cautiously looks Ethan over, and then with pity when she sees his legs, and Ethan knows all to well that familiar rejection.

Autumn, carries her own ghosts.  After escaping an abusive marriage that left her miscarrying her first child and then escaping while pregnant with Brit, Autumn has no room in her heart for anyone but her own mother and Brit.

But does anyone know the magic that a two year old blue eyed baby girl holds in the palm of her hand?  As Autumn starts to warm up to Ethan and dare herself to possibly dream of a future together, she is unaware of the danger that is approaching.  Trent, her ex husband is recently out of jail and he has one thing on his mind, reclaiming what is his…. and what is his in his mind… is Autumn.



I have enjoyed Cami Checkett’s writing in the past.  I was first introduced to her writing in Sister Pact that I really enjoyed, and then again in Dead Running.  The Broken Road is the first of Cami’s books that I have listened to on audio.

The Broken Road is a sweet listen.  It reminded me a little of some of Nicholas Spark earlier works, perhaps a bit predictable, but good all the same.  I found Britton to be perhaps me favorite character, sweet and innocent she brought not only glue to Ethan and Autumn, but to the book itself.

Narrator Christy Crevier brought a sweet smooth rhythm to the audio. My only complaint was that the voice of Autumn came across as so young sounding that I found myself considering her age rather than listening, her voice sounded to be around 18 instead of a girl who had been married in her 20’s.

Autumn also comes across as a bit babyish at times, not only in narration, but in actions and words.  While not a deal breaker, it was annoying at times.

The story as a whole is a good one.  Checkett once again writes three dimensional characters that make for a pleasant reading experience.  As I mentioned earlier, fans of Sparks and clean light romance reads will enjoy this one.

The Broken Path is set in Idaho.

6 thoughts on “The Broken Path by Cami Checketts

  1. Thank you for sharing, Sheila. Christy has such a soothing voice, I really enjoyed hearing her tell this story.

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