Morning Meanderings: ANGRY Chicken


Good morning!  Thought while having my coffee this morning I would share with you a little story from this weekend after the PINK concert.  I think it’s funny…

So….  We get out of the PINK concert around 11 pm.  By the time we get through the stalled traffic lines and heading towards our hotel we are tired and hungry.  We haven’t eaten since 2:00 pm when we had lunch.  We decide we just want something fast and we will go to a fast food restaurant near our hotel.  By the time we get back to our area of the hotel however, almost all restaurants are closed. We do however see a Burger King and we make the decision it is this, or the popcorn and chips we have back in the hotel.  We chose the King.  😀

We try the door to go in but it is locked, closed apparently at midnight and it is now 12:02.  However, the drive through is open until 12:30. YAY! 

We pull up and decide we are going to make it easy on the guy working and we are going to try the Angry Whopper, which, so you know, looks amazing when you are hungry.

2I know I know.. it’s too early here to look at this now, but the other night…. oh yeah.  A burger with bacon and onion rings on it… jalapeno and pepper jack cheese.  What is not to love 😉

SO we order 4.

BK Dude:  I am sorry our Whopper machine is broke.

Me:  What?  There’s a machine?

BK Dude:  It’s the second time today (he sounds sad)

Me:  Ummm…. ok.  So exactly what can we order?

BK Dude:  Anything chicken.

Me:  Alright… we need a minute.

Voice from the back seat:  Can we get angry chicken?

Me:  Excellent!  Can we get 4 Angry Chickens?

BK Dude:  Uh.. yeah.  I think we can do that.

Total of our bill with onion rings shows on-screen $31.34

We each pony up $8 and pull around to the pick up window.  New dude opens the window.

New BK Dude:  Your total is $24.88

Me:  Oh, we were told $31.34

New BK Dude”  Yeah he forgot to give you the 2 for $5 deal.  I fixed it.

Me:  Looking at the money in my hand.  Can you take tips?

New BK Dude:  Uh… I guess so.

Me: (handing all of the money to him)  Well here then, we do not want to have to figure this out.

Anyhoo…. that’s the angry chicken story – which seemed tasty at the time…. but not so much in the morning.  😉  Some of us… had angry tummy.  😛


Hope your day is awesome!  I have book club tonight so I am pretty excited.  We are reviewing Reconstructing Amelia and afterwards, talking about the book Labor Day.  I am making something tasty from the Reconstructing Amelia book….and still trying to think of what my recipe will be for Labor Day but I kind of have an idea.   😉

23 Comments on “Morning Meanderings: ANGRY Chicken

  1. Hmmm…I probably would not have ordered anything Angry at that time of night…it looks sort of good but just a tad scary! I hope you had Tums along!

  2. It’s kind of scary to think of a Whopper machine…makes the food sound a bit unsettling…and then add the description Angry to the mix…But hunger sometimes wins out.

  3. Hunger will do that to you although anything with the word Angry in its name probably won’t get along with my tummy.

    I have bookclub tonight too – we’re discussing The Girls of Atomic City. I read it a few months ago. I hope I remember enough to discuss intelligently!

  4. LOL! Angry tummy… that’s hilarious. You guys were brave. I almost think the whopper machine is funnier though… in a way. I wonder what exactly the machine does???? 🙂

  5. I love your posts!! I hope everyone is feeling better today and you had a great book club.

    ENJOY today!!! I know you will. 🙂


    • I didn’t even think about that…. I guess even at 6 something each (when they gave us the better price, that is high… we didn’t have any drinks.

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