What Book Are You Afraid Of?


There are different ways to be afraid of a book.  The most common way to think of it is obviously, the scary ones… the ones that you feel may just be too dark, too frightening, or perhaps on a topic that kind of freaks you out… like lets say…. CLOWNS.


But there are also other ways to be afraid of a book and this is the type I am talking about today.  It could be that final book in a series that you want to read, but at the same time you don’t want to end… don’t want to set free that character, or perhaps really… even know what will happen. 

It could also be, as in my case…. a book you are afraid to read because you have put said author up so high on the pedestal from previous books they have written that you LOVE and you are afraid that this new book may just show you they are human after all.

My book that I am afraid to read is:


If you know me as the BIG HARRY POTTER fan dork that I am… then you may understand why.  I thinking JK Rowling is brilliant.  Every time I re-read a Potter book or an article on the books – I catch something new and then I love her writing even more.  It’s kind of like people who do not want to go to a funeral of a friend because they want to remember them as they were….  and no I am not comparing Casual Vacancy to a funeral.  😛

I am not saying I will NEVER read Casual Vacancy.  It is JK Rowling after all.  I do own the book, I pre ordered it before release and it has sat on my shelf in the “R’s” ever since.  I will get there…. someday.  I just need time. 

Is there a book that you are afraid to read?  Please share your thoughts here! 

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  1. I have to admit I do that more often than not… I have had new books by authors I love on my shelves for ages and still can’t bring myself to read them. As to series it is partly because I always have so much to read I don’t get to reread as much as I would like, so when I finish the series it is over until I get a chance to reread them.

  2. For me that would have been La Justice Celeste and Irianeth, the eleventh and twelfth books respectively in Anne Robillard’s Knights of Emerald series. I’d been spoiled that a major character in whom I was heavily invested was killed off in book 11 and really didn’t want to read about it and the aftermath in book twelve.

    Sadly in the end I was right to have been afraid – not because of the emotional impact, but because I felt it was badly handled. I’d expected that character to go out in a blaze of glory taking out one of the key opponents (as is often he trope in epic fantasy) but his death was very anticlimactic. Worse, Robillard didn’t have the courage to make it stick in book 12.

    It was a real shame because this mishandling of it spoiled what was otherwise a fantastic series.

  3. I am currently afraid of The Bully Pulpit. It is just so big and so historically detailed and so much to take in and I’m afraid to that I am never going to finish it.

  4. I think lately I’ve been afraid of big, chunky books. Which is why I joined the chunkster challenge to get over it and read those big tomes! 🙂

  5. Ack! Clowns. Yes. I hear you. Never read “It”. In no hurry to do so. Not really afraid.. but.. ya know.

    The book I am afraid to read is Outlander. Why? Potential disappointment. I love, love, love time travel stories and was a huge fan of the show HIghlander, plus so very many people recommend the book. Can it possibly live up to my expectations? And it’s such a chunkster, and only the first book in the series. So, even though I’ve owned the book for years and years and years, I procrastinate.

    We should have a “What Book Are You Afraid of Readalong” where we read our book and then link up our reviews discussing the outcome. That may be the only way some of us ever read our fearsome book.

    • I love that idea of a Book You Are Afraid Of Read A Long – I would consider chatting that idea over with you 🙂 Maybe we could do it together!

  6. I shy away from series books generally. I get bored too quickly so I do not like books that go on & on. In fact I have many books that I own the sequel too but have not read. Friends at work have been wanting me to read The Game of Thrones books. Can’t bring myself to do it. Harry Potter & Twilight are the only ones I have ever made it through. I still haven’t made it all the way through the Hunger Games…

  7. a suitable boy by vikram seth…have you seen the size of it? yet it gets such favorable reviews…

  8. I like the books listed in the comments as well. So many surprises here. I liked The Casual Vacancy so very much. Just read and finished it last week (review up as well).

  9. I am with Kathy and her list…plus I can’t read books where animals get hurt…like Bambi or Old Yeller or Black Beauty or War Horse…

    I cannot keep up with your posts today!

  10. I was afraid of Gone With the Wind for years and years. I started it once when I was really too young for it and got bored and gave up quickly. Once I tackled it for real a couple of years ago, I mostly loved it!

    I’m mostly afraid of some chunksters right now. I’m afraid to read A Feast for Crows by George R. R. Martin, partly because it’s so freaking huge, partly because I’m afraid of who he’s going to kill off in this one, and partly because how will it ever live up to the perfection of A Storm of Swords?

    The other big chunkster I’m afraid of is the Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss. I really loved The Name of the Wind and I’m afraid this one won’t be as good.

    I don’t think I’ll ever read The Casual Vacancy. It would never stand up to my Rowling expectations!

  11. Currently I have Me Before You on my nightstand. I bought it for myself for my birthday last February. So it has been sitting there nearly a year. I am afraid to start it, afraid I will cry my eyes out, afraid of the subject matter. Yikes, what a “wimp” I sound like! Maybe for my birthday this year I will start it!.

  12. I’m afraid of series endings, to be honest. It took me about a month to read Champion when it came out, I’m procrastinating with the ending of Vampire Academy, and I bought Allegiant the day it came out but haven’t touched it since then! I’m just afraid of the finality that series enders give me.

  13. I don’t have an afraid book, but I do have JK’s Casual Vacancy. I started and gave up after about 10 pages. Not been able to pick it up again since. Maybe I’m afraid I’ll finish it and have to say I enjoyed it! Bearing in mind all the negative publicity when it came out

    • I have heard good things (although I hear it takes a while to grab you and I am not very good with those) and of course I have heard the bad things too 😀

  14. I do not have one specific book but I get shivers when books are called classics. I read a few of the older ones like Lord of the Flies and Anna Karenina and did not really like or finish them. There are more of these and they make me run when someone calls a book a classic. I am sure I have missed some great reads because of that.

  15. I was initially wry of picking up The Casual Vacancy, but I eventually gave in and came out with mixed feelings. I didn’t find The Casual Vacancy to be a bad book… But I didn’t find it to be a great book either. It hovers in a grey area. I think I would reread it in the future though so Rowling is doing something right – I think it is her talent for creating these whole communities, the detail!
    I didn’t really realise it until this post of yours, but I think the book I’m afraid of is Wuthering Heights. I love classic literature, however I’ve had Wuthering Heights on my unread shelf for close to two years (it is the only book that had remained consistent on said shelf). I don’t know what exactly is putting me of reading it, but I just can’t bring myself to pick it up… Yet.

  16. I have Casual Vacancy on my bookshelf too, and I am hesitant to read it as I don’t want to get down on Rowling, but I fear I will just hate on this book.

  17. I wouldn’t be afraid to read Casual Vacancy. I’m a huge Potterhead as well and Casual Vacancy was so different from the HP series that my dislike for CV didn’t alter my love of Potter at all. I was disapointed by CV overall. It was a slow start and (in my opinion) had too many characters. I’m glad I read it because the ending was very good, but I wasn’t a big fan overall. I would encourage you to read it but there’s no reason to be scared.

  18. I loved a book many are not familiar with, THE FRENCH LIEUTENANT’S WOMAN by John Fowles. It was a best seller in the 60s. I have another of his books, THE MAGUS, but put off reading it because I’m afraid of a letdown. I read that it is quite different from THE FRENCH LIEUTENANT’S WOMAN.

  19. I bought IQ84 by Haruki Murakami (the whole set) for my Not-So-Bebe-Girl Autumn, and she really loved it (Murakami is one of her fave authors). I’m a bit scared to start the series myself because I think that once I start, my house may collect (more) dust bunnies, dishes and clothes will remain unwashed – heck, I may even forget to feed poor Bebe Boy James! We’re talking THREE books here! Kafka on the Shore and The Wind Up Bird Chronicles held me in sway, but they were each only ONE book. I think I might just stock up on lunch meat, ramen, eggs, and cereal (things James knows how to make) and tackle them starting over a weekend 🙂

  20. Oh, I have many book fears. I’m afraid of finishing series’ because I’m afraid they won’t turn out well. Conversely if they do turn out well, I don’t want to be away from characters that I’ve truly gotten attached to. Oddly, I’m also a little afraid of standalone novels because I’ve read too many that just don’t give me enough time with the characters. Guess that’s the fault of reading so many fantasy trilogies. Also, taking the normal approach, I’m afraid of any horror novels. (Not for this girl, I simply don’t read them.)

    For a specific book that I’m afraid of, that would probably be Lord of the Rings: the Two Towers. Although I was bored when I read the first one, and I’m terrified I’ll be even more so with this one, LotR is THE fantasy series to read and I feel like I should give it a second chance.

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