Morning Meanderings….. COFFEE Morning


6:00 am the alarm goes off.  *GROAN*

I had a delivery of a table I sold on a Facebook site to a town 30 minutes away.  ETA:  7:00 am.  After loading the HEAVY marble-topped table into my car and cursing myself for thinking this was a good idea to meet up this early for the entire 30 minute drive (yes – that’s A LOT of cursing…) I arrived at the exact minute of 7:00 am where I met up with the delightful (not even being sarcastic) buyer who took the table off my hands and I purchase a coffee and drive back to town a little less annoyed with myself than I was previously.

Now I am wide awake having purchased coffee at the gas station we met up at (don’t dis gas station coffee – some of the best coffee is there 🙂 )and came home to prep for the Friends meeting at the Library at 9 am while I made another cup and now as I load up my car with everything I need for the meeting I make the third cup of coffee to go with me while I write this post.


I need the COFFEE as then I need to come home to meet someone here at 11:00 am, then back to town to do bank stuff, post office stuff, pick up dinner stuff, and prep everything I need to leave town tomorrow morning for Fargo for the Pink Concert.  Yes, Fargo like in the movie…and yes, a LOT of Fargo was filmed where I live in Brainerd. 

No we do not talk like that.

Does the movie annoy the crap out of me?  YES.

And that is not the coffee talking.

Do you think I am rambling because of the coffee?  Probably.

In bookish news – I finished *happy dance* the Book Club Book, Reconstructing Amelia.  I think I will post my review today when I get home from said activities. 😀

Its Friday everyone.  Cheers to you!  Whats on your weekend agenda?


24 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings….. COFFEE Morning

  1. LOL. I’m on my third cup of coffee too although I have not been nearly as productive as you this morning. I did get the bird cage clean though. 🙂 Heading out today to do all the errands I refused to do this week when it was so cold.

  2. I’m glad this week has come to an end. It’s been a long busy week with the holiday’s that broke up the previous two. Although those two weeks felt like four weeks. lol.

    Hope you have a great weekend! And, after seeing that clip, I need to see Gilmore Girls. I so miss that show. 🙂

  3. Coffee…I truly do love it…I just read an article about how amazing it is for preventing certain cancers. My new fave coffee comes from a new shop in our town called Philter…it’s owned by someone named Phil! I love that! He really does put a heart on the top of my latte…so sweet!

  4. Love me some coffee too! I’ve been drinking Texas Snowflake coffee this winter – it’s like an Almond Joy in a cup with the zing of coffee! Whew!!!

    This weekend, I will be attending not one, but TWO Styx concerts! So pumped!!! I’ll probably be dead Monday, but Saturday and Sunday I will be a happy girl!

  5. Skipped coffee as, much to my dismay, I am allergic to it. Met with a local author and shared hot tea stories. Then went to the library to discuss my book signing here and to talk about an idea I found on a blog about this neat book blind date for Valentine’s! 😉 I shared your blog for the idea. I hope that is okay?

  6. Ater visiting my brother and his wife yesterday and staying up way to late laughing and talking and laughing some more, I’ve needed C-O-F-F-E-E! Today were are moving the shelves in the basement to the new storage room my husband added. Tonight I am starting a new book but haven’t decided which one.

  7. funny you should mention the coffee, just had a similar chat with a colleague, who also said her best coffee ever was a recent cup at the petrol station (SA version of gas station)

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