1st Book Of The Year! Join Us!

1a  Join us for the First Book Of the Year 2014!  Currently we have 40  58  80 participants!  Join in, its easy and fun 🙂

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  2. I’ll be participating, I just haven’t committed to a book yet. I have several in mind and they are very different. I’m leaning towards a vintage science fiction classic. I’m in a scifi mood.

    • I havent picked yet either Leslie – I will be on the road for part of the day so I think I am going audio…. or start with audio and move to the book format when I get home 😉

  3. I hope to have a book for the first of the new year. Trying to finish one I’ve had for six weeks now.

  4. I’m in but I changed my mind on the book I’ll be reading. I received a copy of The Street Sweeper by Elliot Perlman from the Dutch publishers, and I’m really keen to read that. So, that’s the one I’m going to choose for my first read.

  5. I completed the form and will be looking forward to seeing everyone’s choice.

    Happy New Year!!

    I missed the e-mail since I just signed up. Would you mind sending it to me?


  6. But I haven’t even yet to begin to think about next year! LOL. I was just rec’d a book I had never heard of and must REFOCUS. No distractions. I’m thinking about combining first-book with Long Awaited Reads selection.

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