Red Hill by Jamie McGuire


Scarlet raises her two young daughters alone while holding down a good job at the local hospital.  When it is her ex- husbands weekend with the girls, Scarlet does not mind working an extra long shift to help out a co-worker.  Then the woman comes into the ER with a mysterious story.  She claims a few days ago while coming out of a bar with her boyfriend, she was bit by what seemed to be a deranged man.  Since that time, this woman has lost around 20 pounds.  20 pounds!?!  When examined the findings are bleak.

And this is just the start of the strange happenings…

Soon the reports are coming over the news and radio stations.  There seems to be some kind of outbreak happening.  People are being bitten and dieing at alarming rates but then, coming back to some sort of “zombie like life”  where they are up and walking but what used to be the person inside is gone….

Suddenly all Scarlet wants to do is to get to where her children are if she possibly can.  It seems that the Apocalypse is at hand.



Yowza.  After reading a couple incredible gushing reviews of this book, I decided to give it a try on audio.  Having recently becoming obsessed with the Walking Dead series (another story for another day….) I was curious how this would compare.  While some things were a bit too spot on to Walking Dead ( they bite you or eat you and you too become one of them only to be put down by a shot through the head…), the rest was intriguing and fast paced…. and creepy real feeling.

This is my first book by Jamie McGuire and pretty sure it will not be my last.  Red Hill took me through a fast paced different world than I am used to.  One of fear and survival, but also of connecting with people and creating a sense of family.

16 thoughts on “Red Hill by Jamie McGuire

  1. Laurel-Rain…you would hate this one but I can’t wait to read it…I have had it forever…but I think I need to read it soon. It’s the perfect Christmas book…lol!

      1. Oh you’re so lucky! I’ve been watching it on TV and they’ve just had the mid season 4 finale and I have to wait until FEBURARY for it to start again! You’ve got some exciting stuff coming up I assure you 😉

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