Platform 21 by T. R. Patrick


It is 2052.  Luke Gibson, his sister Laura, and his parents are excited to be at the first ever World Evergy Initiative Conference.  This conference is a celebration of energy and thousands of people fill the stadium to be a part of this monumental event.

Suddenly the earth rumbles and a massive earthquake takes place.  As Luke struggles to understand what is happening as he sees people dieing all around him and his own life is ebbing away, he sees a gurl reaching for him.

And then all is black.

Death… as it turns out is not the end.  Luke awakens to a world that is not the one he knew… as life (is that what this is?) plays out Luke is left to try to figure out what sort of conspiracy is going on and what can he do to stop it before it is too late.

Ok.  Seriously.  If that synopsis did not give you chills you need to go back and read it again.  I will wait.   ……


Platform 21 sold me on the description of a teenage boy in a futuristic world that takes on a twist that is new to me – and if you know me… that is always a draw.

It is shocking, fast paced, adrenaline creating and once into it…. I had to know how this was all going to go.  I enjoyed Luke, love that he is a writer and a protagonist that I could cheer on.  In this style of book… you need someone to cling to…. Luke was that guy.

I really enjoyed this and look forward to see where this new series will go.



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8 Comments on “Platform 21 by T. R. Patrick

  1. Thank you for your generous review! I’m glad you enjoyed the book, and I’m exceptionally pleased to hear that reviewers are connecting with Luke. I’m hard at work on the sequel, and I can’t wait to share what happens next with you and your readers.

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