Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell


That day that Eleanor got on the bus and Park had the only available seat, or more truthful, the only one that would make room for this overweight girl with frizzy red hair and clothing that looked like they belonged to a man, was a day that Park would not soon forget.

As their bus routine continues, Park finds himself becoming more and more interested in Eleanor, and Eleanor felt the same about Park.  An odd couple to say the least, Park with his half Korean heritage and Eleanor who is bullied at school, friendless, and lives in fear of her moms boyfriend create a friendship based on a love for music and comic books.

*sigh*  Why didn’t someone tell me about author Rainbow Rowell sooner than this?  After having recently listening to Fangirl by this same author and finding it a pretty sweet listen, I followed up on the buzz on Eleanor and Park.

I think one of the things I appreciated most about this book was the fact that Eleanor and Park were not your typical protagonists.  They were not the popular students.  They were not the shy misunderstood student that takes their glasses off, gets a hair cut, and comes out beautiful and everyone wants to be their friend…. Instead, Eleanor comes from a very povertish home.  Her mother is in an abusive relationship and Eleanor lives in fear for her family’s safety.  Her clothes are not new and stylish but whatever her mom can scrape together and find.  Park is quiet.  His home life is good but he feels he can’t be himself.  His mother is over protective, his father… well his dad for the most part is pretty cool… everything that Eleanor’s family life is not.

Set in the mid 80’s, you have to just fall in love along with this misfit pair, believing first love can last forever… and in a way…. doesn’t it?

Swoon worthy.  Thank you Rainbow Rowell for braving the road less traveled and creating characters that can make your heart ache.  *I bow to you*

34 thoughts on “Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell

  1. I’ve read all of Rainbow’s books (Fangirl and Attachments in addition to Eleanor & Park). They’re all win-wins!

  2. I got the audio of Fangirl, but haven’t got a chance to get to it yet. I had Attachments but it was one of the books that got wet/muddy when we moved… Hopefully it will be readable or I might have to do that one on audio, too! Anyway, I read this one first and I was actually surprised by how much I liked it. I am looking forward to more from her!

  3. Ok that’s it! I am getting my hands on this book asap! This is probably about the 100th (ok not that many) mentions of this book I have seen. Thanks for the review!

  4. I must read/listen to this one when I get home (and can get my hands on a copy). It sounds lovely!

    I hope you are enjoying the holiday’s, getting ready for Christmas. We will have to talk… my son is looking to join the military! One of your boy’s enlisted right?

    Merry Christmas Sheila

    1. I am way behind on getting ready for Christmas and trying hard not to panic but kind of feel pulled in twenty different directions currently…. 4 commitments tomorrow…somehow I have to get done this weekend 🙂

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