The Anti Prom by Andy McDonald


Bliss Marino has waited a long time for her prom, she is the popular girl and with the hot guy she had as her boyfriend, she would rock the event.

Jolene has no desire to have anything to do with the ridiculous outdated tradition of a prom.  Seriously it made her want to hurl.  There was like a zillion things she would rather due than ever be a part of that lameness.

Meg, quiet and reserved, wants badly to change her reputation of blending into any wall.  If she asks to the prom… she will say yes.  She will.

There is no reason that these three girls would ever find themselves in conversation or even remotely pleasant to one another.  Yet when circumstances around the prom bring these three together… things can really get interesting.



The Anti Prom is a sweet twist on todays YA reads.  There is no dystopian dooms day looming, no one has any special powers, and no one is thrown into an arena to fight to the death (although…. that could have been funny in this case).  Nope.  author Andy McDonald writes about an event that most of us have either experienced (possibly close to the way one of these girls experienced it) or at least were aware of it.

Taking three girls whose personalities could not be more different, The Anti Prom can make you cheer for a crazy life that can turn everything upside down and remind us that friendships are sometimes found in the least likely places.

Enjoy this one!

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