Morning Meanderings… Sustaining


Good morning!  Happy Friday.  I am thrilled to be at the end of another week with no major “to do’s” over the next few days. 

Earlier this week I was looking at my blog dashboard at the posts that have received the most comments.  I randomly chose a book discussion from 2010 and clicked on the links to those who had left comments.  I was pleased to see that many of them were still active bloggers.  Sure there were several that were no longer blogging, and if you are a long term blogger you probably know at least one or two that you used to read that no longer are active.

I think what I enjoyed most about this little “travel back in blog time” was how many blogs I was able to revisit years later and find them still talking books.  It made me realize that we are still a strong force of book lovers.  I love knowing that.  It re energizes me to see us out there doing what we love… talking books. 😀

I may get a little shopping done this weekend for Christmas, I need to spend a little time in the book room too doing a little reorganizing.  Maybe those pics will be my Saturday post.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and you are all taking this holiday time with stride and joy! 

Below are a few challenges I am hosting going into the New Year.  Click the picture to check them out. 😀




19 Comments on “Morning Meanderings… Sustaining

  1. I am deciding whether I want to actually clean the house today or just take the day off…our live tree is in the family room…we are decorating it tomorrow…we want to stay in tomorrow because we are having a snowstorm! Yum! We do have going out to dinner plans but the duration of the snowstorm will determine if we go or not…enjoy your weekend! I will focus more on shopping next week!

  2. Tomorrow I plan to read…and watch some shows on my Netflix queue…and maybe I’ll clean up a little in the morning.

    Today I’m having my hair colored by my lovely daughter, my personal stylist (LOL); although I do go to the salon. We usually do a little something afterwards…a drink or snack.

  3. Yes, there are a group of bloggers who have been at it for a while now. Although I know them on the blogosphere, I’d still love to meet some of them one day!

  4. I only recently started following blogs like these consistently (too many, actually! All TOO interesting and fun! lol) I was interested in hearing that many of you meet up at the BEA! I’m so glad you posted this! I did NOT know you can attend as a reader for only $30! I REALLY want to do this! I live close to NYC so could go 😀

      • Sheila, I’ve wanted to attend (and many other things) for years! I’m broke so am extremely limited that way, plus parking and tolls costs big bucks, too. The only reason I was able to go our local writer’s conferences the past few years was because I was heavily involved on the volunteer end. I couldn’t volunteer in 2013, so couldn’t go 😦 It’s heartwrenching in that way. And 2014 doesn’t look possible either. I’ll see. But to at least go to this would be great! I’m looking into it, for sure! Again, thanks for posting this 😀

  5. It is nice to have known people for years. I am about to celebrate my 8th blogiversary and there are lots of people still around that started just before me or in the year after me still around. I love it. I have made many friends that way. 🙂

  6. I’ve been blogging longer than I ever thought I would but it’s been fun. I’m not sure what I’m doing this weekend. They are hinting at snow 😦 Sounds like reading time to me 🙂

    I signed up for the Where are you reading challenge again for 2014. I never complete it but I do enjoy it and love looking at my map to see all the places I read during the year.

    Have a great weekend!

    • Mmmmm…. I am hoping to get in some “book” time this weekend. I have had lots of audio while I drove around today and while I cleaned out the freezer and worked in the book room.:D Curling up with a blanket and a book sounds heavenly!

  7. I’m spending the day with my sisters baking Christmas cookies. That’s if the snow doesn’t prevent traveling.
    I know a couple of people who no longer blog but we connect through Goodreads. Have a nice weekend!

  8. Sheila,
    Hi! Sorry for the very late comment! I started blogging back in January of 2010, well more actively that spring! I’ve been reading more posts of bloggers than I’ve been posting this year! I’m trying to stay more focused, though!

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