The Challenges… IF You Choose To Accept Them.

It’s that time of year again when I like to start to think about the challenges (reading or otherwise) for the new year.  There’s something about knowing that there is a group of like minded people out there in the world all working towards the same challenge goals.  As I start to see challenges popping up on the blogs it gets my spidey senses tingling and wondering what challenges I will offer here this coming year.


For the 4th year in a row I bring back the Where Are You Reading Challenge?  I love this one!  Back when I started this challenge in 2011,it seemed a natural challenge to have and seems to go along nicely with my meme, What Are You Reading?

What is the point of the challenge?  To try to read a book that is mainly set in each of the 50 states and bonus books for outside the US.

For  more details and ideas on how to keep track of your books, check the challenge page link here.  To sign up for the challenge, use the link on the challenge page and add your link to your post (if you blog) or just add a comment below if you are not a blogger but wish to join in the challenge.


This Challenge is new, and one I have been thinking about for a few weeks now.  For myself I have a lot of things I still want to do in my life.  I have to believe I am not alone on this. 😀  Remember the things you had one hoped to do?  Or…. the things that you keep saying “one day, I would like to try that”, or “one day I am going to do that!” 

I think it is easy for us all to get caught up in our every day life and commitments and those “one day” items never come to pass.  The last few years for myself, I have been challenging myself to reach new goals and try new things.  Where once I often said, No, I can’t do that, I have really changed my tune and my response to a, “what if I can?”

Life is too short to not try the things we once hoped to so this challenge is for us to take 2014 as the year that we do take things off that bucket list.  For more information on this challenge as well as some ideas to get the juices flowing for your list, check out the sign up link here.  I think this is going to be a lot of fun, no pressure… just doing things we had always said we would like to. 

Check out the information on this challenge here. 😀

12 Comments on “The Challenges… IF You Choose To Accept Them.

  1. Ah, it’s challenge time again. I always want to join so many of them but realistically, since I only read about 100 books a year, I can only join a few.

    I’ve never formalized my bucket list, it’s mostly in my head, but I’ve been slowly chipping away at it. I know, maybe it’s time to write it down. I’m not getting any younger!

    • I accomplished a couple this year Leslie. I canoed the Boundary waters and camped on the Boundary waters too. I ran a 5k, actually several of them now. 😀

  2. I wish I liked challenges but they really just stress me out…I admire everyone out there who engages in them…but they are not for me!

  3. I was actually thinking of doing a sort of bucket list challenge, except as a reading challenge. I actually have a reading bucket list, mostly consisting of classics and the more contemporary books like The Book Thief that are just must-reads. I also have a “50 Books to Read Before You Die” bookmark that’s definitely added to my bucket list reading pile. 🙂

  4. I am cutting way down on them this next year…This year, I felt too focused on numbers or kinds of books…and I just want to read in the New Year.

  5. I keep a list of my books, have for years. This year, it was a public list for the first time as I got into GoodReads. Have burned through my goal TWICE and am now ten books beyond this year, with over a full shelf of “giveaways” from GoodReads/First Reads.

    These two ideas have me wondering if I’m up for a more “formal” challenge

    • Nice! I am behind on updating Good Reads and my master list so currently have no idea where I am for the year. I am excited to find out though 😀

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