Coreyography by Corey Feldman


When once asked what advice Corey Feldman would give to parents who are raising kids in the industry he replied, get them out of Hollywood and let them lead normal lives.


Corey’s career began at three when he was in a McDonald’s commercial. His older sister Mindy was is the Mickey Mouse Club and one day someone heard Corey’s gravely voice while he was on his sisters set and he was hired as the voice of the fox in the Fox and The Hound.  From there Corey as he grew launched into larger roles and starred as a teen in The Goonies, Gremlins, Friday The 13th and Stand By Me. He built a strong lifelong friendship with Corey Haim when they started appearing in the same movies such as The Lost Boys, License To Drive, and Dream A Little Dream.

While some may think having the opportunities of being a teen star is glamorous, Corey, in his memoir paints quite a different picture.  A verbally and mentally abusive mom took all of his earnings and cost him more than one job.  His father was not much better, acting as his manager in Corey’s teen years and costing him larger roles by making Corey accept the smaller easy money roles.  When Corey put his foot down and told his dad that he could no longer manage him, his father kicked him out. 

Corey falls into the traps of Hollywood with drugs and alcohol and even abusive sex.  Told in a matter of fact way, Corey Feldman owns up to all of his past failures, painting quite a different picture than the one that we see on the screen.  When Corey Haim his friend of many years dies at the age of 38, Corey Feldman speaks strongly about the causes and rumors surrounding Haim’s death. 

An amazing memoir of strength and courage.



I grew up with the movies that both Corey Feldman and Corey Haim starred in.  Watching them on-screen they looked like your typical fun-loving teenagers and as a teen myself, I wished I could hang out with them.  Now, after listening to Corey Feldman’s memoir…. no way I should have wanted to hang out with them!  The things that they both went through is enough to make anyone sick and angry…. both boys really were lost boys.

At first I thought it was a little odd that Feldman talks so much about Haim and what his life was like in this memoir.  After I thought about it I feel that they were both so close, and Feldman probably knew Haim better than almost anyone.  Haim never got to share his story.  He wanted to… he just ran out of time.  To hear Feldman stick up for his friend when he was sexually abused, rumored to have been gay, and a drug addict is heart breaking.

I flew through this audio.  Read by Corey Feldman himself, I found the behind the scenes movie antics to be fun as that was what I like to know about in this memoirs of actors and actresses.  Really though, the childhood, the growing up and all the things we do not see, is what breathes life into the story.  So often you hear about these child stars lives at home and you are shocked.  Corey’s is no exception.  This memoir is brutally honest and I for one am glad to know Corey’s story. 


10 thoughts on “Coreyography by Corey Feldman

  1. Not a book I could ever read or even listen to…he just does not seem like a very nice boy…but I loved him in The Lost Boys!

  2. I grew up watching the 2 Coreys in films too and was lucky enough to meet them both a number of years back. I say lucky… but I just wish I hadn’t met Corey Feldman as he was actually quite rude (and I’m quite easy going!). Corey Haim was wonderful though.

    Still, I love Corey Feldman as an actor (if not as a person), so I’d be quite interested in this one.

    BIG Lost Boys fan here! 🙂

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