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On the evening of November 21st, 2013 I was thrilled to go to the opening night showing of Catching Fire.  Catching Fire is the 2nd book in the trilogy by Suzanne Collins.  My review of the book is here. 

Catching Fire is the continuing story line from The Hunger Games.  Now Katniss and Peeta are living back in District 12, still pretending to be in love when in front of the cameras and about to go on tour of the districts as is their duty as the winners of the last Hunger Games.  President Snow has a strong disliking for Katniss, feeling that her heart and her fire for what is right could bring on an uprising, he keeps a close watch on her and monitors what she can say and do when on screen and in front of the people of the districts. In the midst of this battle of Katniss and Snow, a plan is developed that all the tributes will enter the Hunger Games as a “Quarter Quell”, a twist to the 75th anniversary of The Hunger Games. 

And this is when this movie really comes alive.

Katniss, played by Jennifer Lawrence shows such appropriate emotion throughout the movie that I could not help myself but feel anger when she felt anger and yes, cry when she cried.  (Way to go new director Francis Lawrence!

As the tributes from all districts prepare to go back into the games, Peeta and Katniss are sure that there is no way they will allow for two victors again.  Love or just deep friendship, the two struggle with how they will handle this when the time comes.

Cinna, the creator of the costumes that both Peeta and Katniss wear comes up with an amazing dress for Katniss, which if you have read the books… you know… well…. we will save that for the spoiler page 😉

All in all I found this movie to be even better than Hunger Games and that surprised me.  Of the books, Hunger Games was my favorite and they went down from there. Not that I didn’t still enjoy them, just that was the order they fell in for me and so I did not expect this movie to be loved by me to the extreme that it was. 

If you are a fan of the books, do not miss out on seeing this one on the big screen.  I am pretty sure as soon as I can find someone to go with, I will be seeing it again.

Want to talk about the movie in a bit more detail?  I have wheeled the Spoiler Button out of storage so we can do just that!  If you HAVE seen the movie, join me in the spoiler room to discuss what we loved, what we didn’t, and everything in between.


26 thoughts on “Catching Fire – The Movie

    1. I had the same thing happening Hunger Games (the first time I went we were way in the back but the second time we were 4th row from the front.) This one does not have that fast crazy motion of the first – the new director did a fabulous job! Cant wait for you to see it!

  1. I haven’t seen he movie yet; I definitely want to, though. Catching Fire was my favorite book in the series so I am a little hesitant. I am happy with the casing of my girl Jena Malone, though, as Joanna. How good/bad was she?

  2. You know, I’m so glad to hear others complain about the camera work! Over the past decade or two (ever since NYPD Blue first used it), this constant shift and movement in camera angles and shots drives me NUTS! You can’t absorb what you’re watching and I actually get nauseated. I used to love watching the shows on HGTV ’til they started with that, too.

    Anyway, I got the first movie from the library, didn’t even get 5 minutes in and gave up 😦 I LOVE the books and heard they did a good job adapting it, so was hoping to enjoy the movie. I couldn’t 😦 With you saying the second one doesn’t do the whole “motion sickness” thing, it makes me wonder if I should push myself to give it another try *sigh*

    And if you love this series, chances are you’ll love the LEGEND series, too. The third book in the trilogy was just released and I’m about halfway through it. I just love it. It’s by Marie Lu. The books are: LEGEND, PRODIGY and CHAMPION. Great stuff. I’m pretty sure she has film contracts, too! Great review, Sheila 🙂

  3. I was entertained watching this movie but must admit… I didn’t understand the subplots and they left out all character development.

    Days later I discovered that the new guy from 4 was a male prostitute?! I guess book two explains Haymitch’s story and the pin Katness wears? And the ending… I left the theater thinking Katness was captured and that Gale/Haymitch are bad guys.

    I saw the movie with our son, who brought me up to speed for about an hour (ha), This experience has me reading the Divergent series…. since I know my family will have this on the must see list.

    Overall I actually enjoyed this movie, sounds like the movie and book are different though. 😉

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