City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare


Book 4 (May contain (inadvertently) spoilers)

Finally things are coming together.  The war is over.  Clary’s mom is not only safe and home, but also preparing to marry the love of her life.  Even Clary herself is in love, real love, now that it has been proven that Jace is not her brother after all.  Even Simon who has become a little hotter, a little more self-assured in his new vampire physic, is attracting a few prospects of his own.  

Yet nothing ever stays calm and soon Shadow Hunters are being murdered in New York.  Tensions run high between the Downworlders and Shadow Hunters as each wonders now that Valentine is gone, who could possibly be behind these killings?  Is it followers of Valentine?  And then there is Jace, finally he and Clary have what they both had dreamed of and yet he seems to be pulling away.  Clary is so confused – he claims to love her so much it hurts but then why it is every time they get close he pulls away.  Far away.

As Clary and Jace deal with what is happening between them, Simon is trying hard to avoid what all vampires seem to cave in to… and his thirst just grows stronger and more uncontrollable every day.  When a baby shows up at the hospital with claws for hands and black pits for eyes, something bigger than their own problems seems to be taking form….

Holy smokes!  I read this one in its entirety while on vacation in Florida.  Read that sentence again.  I read this book while on a three-day Florida vacation packed with things to do and places to see.  That is how awesome this book is.  I read it in the morning while at the hotel breakfast and again at night when I was so tired I could hardly keep my eyes open.  And I read a big chunk of it on the plane.  I could not put it down …

and when it ended…

I could not wait to get my hands on the next one. 

As Jace and Clary have now made it to boyfriend and girlfriend – what we had all (ok – me) been hoping for comes to reality only to seem to be ripped away as soon as it happens.  While this may be a familiar scene in books of this genre – be sure that Cassandra Clare has put a spin on things to make it unique and page turning all at once.  And with Simon’s battle of who and what he is you got to feel for him, I mean… a guys got to eat right?

Another solid delivery, Cassandra Clare takes us to yet another level of her world that is breathtaking and fast paced.  How I long to add Shadow Hunter to my bucket list of things to do…..

A+ read. 

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