City Of Glass by Cassandra Clare


Book 3: Clary’s mom has been in a coma for a long time and answers are finally starting to fall into place as to why she will not wake up.  To get to the bottom of what is going on with her mom, Clary, Jace, Alex, and Isabelle must go to to the City Of Glass which is said to be an unwelcoming place and dangerous.  Simon must stay behind because vampires are frowned upon and one that can withstand daylight would be all the more insulting to those who dwell in the City. 

As Clary works to try to figure out her past, a friendship comes in the form of Sebastian, a good looking Shadow Hunter who seems to understand Clary.  Downworlders and Shadow Hunters class are required to work together on what seems to be reaching epic battle proportions – but the underlying questions is can these two groups come together when they are worlds apart?

And can Clary stay strong as Jace moves on with another girl leaving her to come to face to face with the fact that is all she can ever have of him is his friendship. 

City Of Bones party – New York May 2013

So mid series I am still at a WOW level.  I simply love the characters and Jace… well…. see the City Of Bones movie and tell me if you can think of Jace any other way.  😉  (Just saying…).  Simon is as always a great addition to the books (way to go Cassandra Clare!)  He adds that mix of dorky loyalty that levels out the book from all the hotness those Shadow Hunters provide!  But stay tuned future Mortal Instrument readers, Simon also comes into his own and this book is an excellent example of that. 

Get ready to join in the battle as it is a GOOD one!

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