Morning Meanderings… And I am Off!!!



Good morning all!  Happy November and all that comes with it… the scent of pumpkin, cool walks and runs, baked goods and we break out the crock pots for soups and chili.  Just last night I made white chicken chili that was oooooh so good!


I know I have been quite the absentee blogger and I am working on getting back in gear.  I have reviews to post, and fun things to share, I just seem to have booked myself pretty solid lately and that is where I am trying to learn yet another step to time management.  😀

What have I been doing?  Working out in the early mornings, working on my home when I am not working at my job, volunteering, and training for a half marathon again – now aiming for April.  Oh, and today I am excited to say that I am leaving this afternoon to go to Florida with College Son for a fun weekend of hanging out and Harry Potter World (SQQUUEEE!!!!!) will be back Monday evening to Minnesota.

For this week, I have asked Vicki from I’d Rather Be Reading At The Beach to post and host It’s Monday!  What Are You Reading?   She has graciously offered before and if she says yes, I will post a link on Sunday to connect with her for the meme, and if she can not do it this week, I will post the link up here as usual. 🙂

ANyhoo – enjoy your weekend!  My life should slow down a bit once I return.  Winter is always my slow time as I do not like cold, wet, and snow.  Yeah yeah… I totally live in the wrong part of the world.  😛


5 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… And I am Off!!!

  1. I feel the same about winter, though at the moment it’s sunny here so it’s not so bad. Hope you had (are having?) a good weekend. Florida sounds a good place to be right now!

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