The Returned by Jason Mott (I felt much was left unsaid)


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Imagine… if someone you loved who has passed away – someone you had mourned for, grieved over and made deals with God about how much you miss them and only if they could return to you…


if they did.

Harold and Louise Hardgrave had lived decades of this kind of loss and pain.  In 1966, at the age of eight their only son Jacob had drowned at his own birthday party.  As life tends to go on, even when we sludge through it… that is what the Hardgrave’s did… forming for themselves a life without Jacob and doing their best to move on.

And then one day, there he is. Jacob, at their door, looking just as he did at the age of 8. 

And not just Jacob.  All over the word that reports had been coming in for weeks that people who had passed on had suddenly arrived back at their homes, back in their loved ones lives… and no one can explain why.  Is this the sign of the world coming to an end?  Or the return of Christ?  Or is it something darker…. something difficult to fathom when standing before you is the one that you have prayed for…. hoped for….

In a new and confused world, even Harold and Louise have trouble seeing eye to eye on how they feel about Jacob’s return.  Louise is hook line and sinker ready to throw herself back into the role of nurturing mother and takes Jacob at face value.  Harold however has reservations that this really is his son.  He may look like him, walk like him, and talk like him… but he was there when his son had died.  Life zapped away in a blink of an eye does nor return like that.

Does it?

Wow.  Even before I started reading this book I had heard the scuttle around the edges of the internet of the mixed emotions this book was bringing out.  That just made me more curious.

The Returned really is a fascinating topic for a book.  As the book opened with Jacob at the door of his parents who have aged  and stooped over the years yet here was their precious little boy looking as fresh and wonderful as he did before he left them I knew I wanted to know more. 

The Return does very well at describing the emotions both accepting and abrasive as those who have passed on return to their homes and families rejoice.  I even enjoyed the dynamics of what issues this would cause our world if this really did happen… for instance, The Returned had huge appetites.  Always hungry they needed to be fed.  And for that matter housed, and cared for.  Suddenly as people keep returning, you can see where the once dead could soon out number the living.  And, The Returned did not always turn up where their families were, some had no families… others had no desire to return to the family and friends they had so choose to go elsewhere…. etc….  fascinating stuff really.

What The Return (in my opinion) does not do well at, is coming full circle.  The whole book I am waiting to see what is bringing the returned back from the graves.  In the danger of causing a spoiler, but I feel a necessary one… it is never made clear, which to me made the book feel as though it was not fully thought out.

As readers, or at least I can speak for myself and say as a reader I want to read great books.  Even when an idea, such as The Returned is a new topic (which I love it when that happens!), I still want to be intellectually stimulated and not just smile and read on for the sake of reading something that entertains my mind.  I want to feel “WOW” when I come out of the last page.  Unfortunately, as much as I can say I enjoyed the idea of The Returned and parts of the book, it did not have the full idea thought out therefore, leaving me wanting more. 

My final thoughts, I did enjoy the book.  I dont mean to come off as harsh in this review, just real.  It is enjoyable and if thats what you are looking for, I would recommend it.  If you like answers to questions that come up in your fictional reading however, you may feel a bit disappointed.

In other news, I heard that this book is being considered for TV.  I would tune in to see what they do with it.

16 thoughts on “The Returned by Jason Mott (I felt much was left unsaid)

  1. It does not sound like my kind of read…I like books that make sense, even if we suspend disbelief for a little while. I like, as you say, books that “come full circle.”

    Thanks for sharing….

  2. I think I would have the same issue. It takes a special book to not explain everything, and for me to still like it. I think with this one, I would need a little more to it.

  3. I’m glad you posted your “spoiler”. I’m very anti-spoiler, but I do think that’s an important thing to know. I would want answers, too. That’s part of the whole experience, right? Having the book be so fleshed out that it is reasonable and possible. I may decide to skip this one.

  4. Hmmm…disappointing that the phenomenon is never explained, though that’s not necessarily a problem for me. I am thinking of The Age of Miracles where the earth’s rotation is slowed down – no one ever figures out why but that didn’t diminish the book at all for me – it was still amazing. So, I think I still want to read this. And I definitely want to see the TV show – it’s called Resurrection and starts in the middle of the fall season on ABC.

    Thanks for the in-depth review!


    Book By Book

  5. Not interesting at all as a story, no amount of suspending disbelief can make this interesting.!

    This premise is no different than zombies, vampires, and the like. Mostly playing on the mythologies perpetuated by religious zealots who are generally misinformed about the world.

    1. Maybe you are being a bit critical about your misinformed comment. Misinformed to you but some people may want to believe in the unbelievable and that’s their right to. Try to be less judgemental. Not nice. I liked the book, good idea but needs some tweaking toward the end

  6. I am a firm believer in God and His Son, Jesus Christ.

    I know that miracles, such as resurrections, can occur. God’s own Son was nailed to a cross for our sins and rose from the dead and walked out of the tomb.

    I have not read this book, but I have watched started to watch the series.

    The most amazing thing is that we can believe in miracles through God and His Son Jesus Christ.

    Death is not the end with God, if we choose to believe in His word and accept that His Son died for our sins and was resurrected. To, me that is beyond amazing.

    And to state that those who believe in God and miracles are uneducated, amounts to an uninformed view. It is through the testament of others where the glory of God also shines.

    There are many stories of highly educated people who have turned away from their disbelief to the Lord after witnessing miracles, researching the Bible and realising that the truth is already there for us, as contained in the Bible.

    1. HI Sharon, thanks for this great comment. I am looking thought the other comments and do not see where anyone said that believer of God are uneducated and misinformed. Its early maybe I missed something here. 🙂 I too am a firm believer in God. I have not watched the show, maybe that is where your comment is coming from?

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