Morning Meanderings: Its Heartbreaking Really… and makes me a tad bit crabby ;)


Good morning.  🙂  Long term readers of Book Journey know that I am a HUGE Gilmore Girls fan.  I own every season and watch them all usually once a year.  You can imagine my excitement when last fall I hear about a show called Bunheads claiming to have the same quick whit and charm and even in a couple cases the same characters ( Liza Weil (Paris!), Kelly Bishop (Emily!), and Sean Gunn (Kirk!) just to name a few.

Of course at first I was skeptical of a show about a ballet school and a former exotic dancer turned good girl… but I was quick to see the show had value and in short time I became a fan…

and I loved the dancing…

And now I know its not coming back replaced by the other “dance shows” that I do not watch.. and I am sad.  Buggers.  I guess back to the books….  reading (still) City of Glass – book 3 in the Mortal Instrument series but I must put it down and get into Giants Of The Earth which is our book club pick due on Tuesday.  Eep!  At least I have a low key weekend.  🙂

Any shows that you loved that didnt make the ratings cut or (as in the case of Bunheads) were pitted against other highly watched shows and a decision was made against them?

16 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings: Its Heartbreaking Really… and makes me a tad bit crabby ;)

  1. Bunheads isn’t coming back? I was only able to watch back episodes on Hulu, but I was so delighted when I found it and now they’re gone. Bummer!

    1. Oops, how come I’m showing up as Anonymous? Must have done something wrong. Let’s try again. Durn computers!

  2. That has happened to me several times over the years, starting back when I watched Cagney & Lacey….but the first time they were cancelled, there was an uproar, and they continued for a few more years.

    Recently, I moaned at the loss of Private Practice (the Grey’s Anatomy spin-off). I guess I could see that they probably ran out of fresh story, but those characters were like friends.

    Sorry about your loss. I didn’t watch Bunheads, but I used to catch the tail-end of it on my DVR when recording one of the other shows on that network.

    And I never watched The Gilmore Girls, but see it on the weekends, in the background while I’m reading, and usually muted. I don’t like to watch shows that are reruns, because they aren’t shown in order.

    1. Isnt that sad? I watch so little tv… I like Survivor, Modern Family, and Amazing Race. Other than that I read or watch movies – or seasons of old shows… currently Little House On The Prairie (on season 7) 😀

  3. I absolutely loved Gilmore Girls and believe I am still missing some episodes. Such a shame that it has finished. Never heard of Bunheads. Recently found a Series called Rita about a messed up school teacher, it is a danish show that has subtitles and is actually quite good. Only able to get it on Netflix at the moment and can see that there is a second series but cannot get access 😦

  4. i’m afraid to even check on my fave shows! I’ve kind of made up my mind to only watch shows that has several episodes on hulu. believe it or not i have not watched gilmore girls ~ must remedy that!

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