Continuing To Beat The Band


Ok… Ok… I am SUPER LATE today.  I am up north in our cabin area and the little cafe that used to offer me great internet while I enjoyed their oatmeal no longer offers internet and perhaps I jinked it when I ordered an omelet instead of the usual but its too late to take back that order (although I wish I could).  😛  SO now, I am in Ely Minnesota where I will be meeting up with the group I will be spending the next 7 days with in the wilderness by canoe and tent, and no, I have not been hiding this “camping girl side of me” from you… quite honestly this is new and I am not sure if “Camping Girl” is in but hey…. let’s find out. 😀

Here is the post I would have put up this morning if I could have:


My whole point of coming into the little café this morning in Silver Bay this morning was to use the internet and set up the final day for banned book week and prep the Sunday post for the Monday What Are You Reading.  OK, OK, and people watch… but seriously that is all.

My experience of the cold pancake and not so great omelet could have been overlooked – but the fact that they no longer have internet (I know… WHO does that???) was quite disappointing as now I am left with a plate full of food I really do not want and no way to get my blog work done before I head into the wilderness.

My plan “B” is to type this up in word (as I am doing now) and hoping when I get to Ely later today I will be able to pop into a little café or something and finish this – connect the banned posts and set up the What Are You Reading.

So here I am typing away but soon to be done… I am going back to our cabin to watch Monty Pythons Meaning Of Life because I feel that is an appropriate start to a weeklong canoe and camping trip in the wilderness with a group of girls – some I know, some I do not… and feeling anxious and excited and concerned that I will have no connections to the outside world and thrilled that I will have no connection to the outside world.  J  Hope that makes sense…

I will be journaling the experience because of this blows (lol) this will be a one time deal and I need to remember that I did that once.  If it rocks… or even semi rocks… I will be totally up to doing it again and feel like I can do all things… from tying up a blog post in a little no-internet café to traveling to Honduras, to reading books, to biking 150 miles, to enjoying plays and Vikings games…. Well… you get the point…  I also need to remember that a trip where there is no internet and no cell phone coverage and the fact that I can do that 5 hours form my own front door is something kind of awesome as there are many parts of this world where “getting away from it all” requires a plane ticket and a guide.

Ok but I still need to talk about the BANNED!  Yes this is the final day of our banned book week celebration here – but my challenge to you is that starting tomorrow is the real official Banned Book Week and I am hoping you have found through the links I have posted this week a great books to give a try to.  Here are the final posts for the week:

Bex at An Armchair By The Sea writes an amazing post on the ridiculous reasons we ban books.  Seriously, do not miss what she wrote!  She is also having a giveaway you will not want to miss.

Jon at Rogue Scholar gets me… he really gets me. 😀  His review of Hunger Games and the crazy banning reasons around is fabulous.  Go Jon Go!!!!  Jon is also offering a giveaway so get over there!  😀

My buddy Laurel at An Interior Journey has given her post to Perks Of Being a Wallflower.  Please stop over and read her thoughts on this one.

And thats the week 😀  Thank you everyone so much for all your banned book week support!

As for what I am listening to on audio during the driving part of this trip is Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince… because the two audio books I have been listening to lately for review have been DNF for various reasons I will explain at another time… and my camping trip book of choice is the second book in the City Of Bones series as after seeing the movie… I am back in on this deal J

Later awesome book lovers!

6 thoughts on “Continuing To Beat The Band

  1. You won’t probably see this post until you get back. Hope you had a great time. Hope the weather cooperated, it is getting colder here in Wyoming these evenings. And phooey, the Vikings lost today!. What’s with that!.

  2. Many thanks for once again inviting me to take part in what has been a most interesting and informative week. Unable to visit as many sites as I would have liked I’m hoping to rectify this over the next few days.

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