Morning Meanderings… The Banned Continues…


Good morning.  Day two of Banned Book posts in preparation for next weeks official banned book week.  I really enjoyed yesterdays post and I hope you did too.  It’s surprising what can be considered a banned/challenged book.

Today, Stacy at My Novel Life shares her thoughts on a great read, Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. I love this book!  She is also having a great giveaway with her post today so check it out!

I too am having a giveaway for all comments this week (one entry per comment on my posts) as well as a giveaway for those who participated by writing their own Banned Book Week Post (yes you can still sign up)and connected it here to this event.  Each randomly chosen winner will receive this:

3Oh yeah… the much coveted Banned Book mug which I also ordered one for myself. 😀

I too have a review coming up today on not a banned book but a book about banning and the hot mess that results in.  I hope you pop back in to check it out. 

My question to you today is what banned book are you an advocate for? The one you love so much you get up on your soap box and you are pushing it on your friends and family like book crack. Don’t even pretend you have not read one… I believe you have… you just may not know it was banned/challenged. 😛  Check out a sample list here.  Stacy also has a list available on her post as well.

14 Comments on “Morning Meanderings… The Banned Continues…

  1. I advocate for And Tango Makes Three by Richardson and Parnell. It’s a wonderful story about a real life gay penguin family at a NY zoo, but the book is at the top of the banned books lists every year.

  2. I can definitely get behind To Kill a Mockingbird — just read it last month, and it’s brilliant! And The Hunger Games?!?! I was ranting at the TV when some commentator went off right before the first movie came out (he hadn’t seen it, hadn’t read the books, but was convinced we should all boycott this awful stuff).

    That’s more than one, but I don’t know how to stop!

  3. I appreciate the heads-up on Banned Book Week – I will try to plan ahead for next week so I;m not caught off guard!

    Meanwhile, are you going to post a linky list for Monday What Are You Reading?



  4. Great question! Kathy’s answer is so on point! Banned books should be read by everyone. My favorite banned books are Persepolis, Of Mice and Men, Their Eyes Were Watching God, East of Eden, and Annie on my Mind.

  5. East of Eden is my favorite book of all time. So it would have to be my choice, along with To Kill A Mockingbird. LOVED them and they still resonate through me when I think of them.

  6. Thank you so much Sheila for the kind words and links to my post. I’m enjoying your Banned Book Week event so much!

    A couple of banned books that get my goat are Beloved by Toni Morrison, the Harry Potter series, and of course, Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. I read about Beloved being up in the air at a school in Alabama due to sexual content. . .I wanted to jump thru my computer and throttle the powers that be in that community. It’s books like Beloved and Thirteen Reasons Why and even Harry Potter that enable children/teens and even adults to know that they’re not alone in what they may be dealing with and gives them a voice in which to say, Hey, this happened to me. Aaargh, book banning infuriates me and the more I can do to bring awareness to the asinine practice the better. Thanks for hosting this event!

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