Morning Meanderings… A Little Time In A Police Car


Good morning all!  Happy Saturday!  I hope you have been enjoying your fall ( yeah I said it…. Fall) week.  My week has been fairly mellow and I have enjoyed reading and finally was able to load Itunes on my new laptop and working Audible to work with it so I can get back on my overload of audio I enjoy.  I started listening to The Returned yesterday… and wow… I am enjoying it.

Last weekend my friend Amy and I were on our way to a bike ride in St Paul when we stopped in a small town for gas.  There was a car show nearby and an old-time police car was also at this gas station.  Of course, opportunity presented itself and we asked if we could get in the car and we granted that permission and the owner took a picture for us as well.


So there is my contribution to Saturday Snapshot this week.  😀  Stop by and check out other Saturday Snapshots at Metro Mommy.

Also, if you have not seen my post on Banned Book Week, it is coming September 22 – 28. I am hosting Banned Book Week here as I have done the past three years but will be hosting it a week early as I will be in the wilderness the week of Banned Book Week this year, my first canoe and portage trip that will be seven days long, staying in a tent and no cell phone or internet access.  😯  So that said, Banned Book Week here, will start tomorrow.  Sign up here to join in, or be sure to watch for all the fun posts and giveaways that I will link here 😀

Have a super Saturday!  I am reading, cleaning, prepping banned book week, and later going out with friends for my hubbys birthday.  What will you be doing with your Saturday?

27 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… A Little Time In A Police Car

  1. I wanna be in that car with you!! 😀

    For that collage, we used bits of papers from Magazines, Newspapers and handmade paper etc. We tore the papers with our fingers and pasted those. It took us three hours.

    1. I want you in that car with me! 😀
      Thanks for letting me know how you did your project – it is gorgeous. I couldnt figure out if it was bits of colored glass or rice or what. I would have never guessed magazine and paper! Very impressive!

  2. How fun is that? And how great that you asked permission…lol. Have a great week, and I’m also looking forward to Banned Book Week. I started reading my book….and this time, I have the correct blog written down so there won’t be a mix-up! lol

    Thanks for visiting my Saturday Snapshots.

  3. My weekend will not be thrilling. Going dress shopping for my son’s wedding…blech! (Shopping for a dress, not the wedding!)

    So jealous of your upcoming camping trip. We did that last year up in the BWCA. Loved every minute of it! It’s hard to get closer to God than when you’re surrounded by him in the beautiful countryside He created. Use every minute of silence…enjoy!

  4. Your title caught my attention. 🙂 What a fun and unique experience to sit in a police car.

    Ah, for a relaxing fall. If it ever comes, I have two writing software programs which I wish to learn how to use.

    Enjoy the birthday celebration and the upcoming camping trip! This past week, my husband and I did manage to squeeze in a couple walks to new places. Always good to have getaway time.

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