Morning Meanderings… Missed What Are You Reading Post


Good morning!  Stop the rumors!  I am still here – just living it up on the last big weekend of summer!  I missed the Monday post entirely!  😛 

We were at our cabin for the weekend with friends and had a BLAST!  We (Al and I) left Thursday afternoon, and pour friends arrived later that night.  We spent the weekend at Splitrock lighthouse, toured a brewery (small one), archery at the Temperance State Park, and drove to Soudan MN to tour the Soudan Mines – which are well worth the time if you are ever in the area. 

Al and I arrived back home yesterday afternoon and I had a meal to make for a friend, and we had friends come over last night as well to catch up with each other.  😀  It was a fun fun four days. 

I have missed blogging and have oodles of reviews to catch up on and hope to get them rolling out this week and starting this afternoon.  I cant wait to catch up with all of you as well.  Missed you fellow online book lovers! 😀

Here are a few pics of our weekend:

Split Rock Light House
Amy and I trying our hand at Archery
Go time…. we feel like Robin Hood.
The Soudan Mines – a half mile under ground in Soudan Minnesota.
The mines from the train that traveled us around 3/4 of a mile through the underground tunnels.

That’s my update.  I hope to be around way more often than I have been the last few months.

Did you do anything fun this past Labor Day weekend?

21 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Missed What Are You Reading Post

  1. Duh…the obvious! lol

    Yes, you have been MIA lately, but it looks like you’re having fun. I did see you a couple of times on FB, so I knew you were alive…

    I saw The Butler yesterday…loved it!

  2. Looks like you had fun. Haven’t you had crazy (hot) weather? Our weekend turned out rather gloomy weather-wise but we still had a fabulous time in Newport RI.

    1. The brewery was fun – the mine… wow. I can not imagine. They told us that in the early years before electricity they worked by candle light – and only one candle at a time as that came out of their wages and they were 2 cents a piece. I can not even imagine – it was said that 3/4 mile to get to where they mined, they walked in the complete darkness as the breeze in the mine would blow out a candle.

  3. I add my vote on the lighthouse pic! It looks like a poster shot! Beautiful, and I love lighthouses, too 🙂

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend 🙂 I don’t know about that mine, though! I give you credit for going, but I really don’t think anyone could get me down there! Let alone with candles…or COMPLETE DARKNESS! AAAGGGHH!!!

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