Morning Meanderings… Picture This


Good morning!  Happy Saturday and all that!  I feel like I woke up and my day exploded.  Today is a full one, I need to be into work in about an hour to check off the students who are attending a feed the starving children event and a Minnesota Twins game.  Then I just realized that I am doing a meal train for a family tomorrow with a new baby – thank goodness for the email reminder!  I need to get on that. Then at 3:00ish my hubby and I are leaving to go listen to bands in the area for the Lakes Jam. 

And that will complete Saturday. 😯

For now, I want to share last weekends pics as part of the Saturday Snapshot.  I was up North last weekend with 4 friends.  The plan was to do some extreme biking, but the weather was not cooperative.  It was foggy, cold, and drizzly….. we did bike, but not as far as we would have liked, and we did go exploring some amazing sights of the North Shore…

This is Palisade head – about 10 miles from our cabin if even that. It hangs on Lake Superior.



10 - Copy
This is the rushing water of Temperance State Park. It’s amazing to watch and to hear!



Pretty and definitely a force to be reckoned with – you look in awe but keep yourself safe as well. The water is moving fast and there are no guard rails.



I took this picture from the car window – thus the funky coloring. It is fascinating to watch the water pour out of the rock.



And because I love the sound – I recorded a little bit of it:


We had a great time despite the weather.  We did a little shopping, exploring, biking, hiking, running…  we played board games and watched a movie.  It was a good time. 😀

Please go over and see other Saturday Snapshots!  It is fun to see what others are doing in their part of the world. 


Have a super Saturday – I need to get moving here but am hoping to post a yummy yummy recipe a little later today that you will thank me for 😀

23 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Picture This

      1. Looks like a winter’s day in the Blue Mountains NSW!! Are you sure it’s summer over there??? 😀

  1. Wonderful pictures.. The landscape looks almost spooky. I have a lot more greenery/landscape surrounding me since my move, but nothing as nice looking as this.
    I love the sound of flowing water.

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