The Stranger by Camilla Lackberg


A local woman is killed in a tragic car accident that looks to be a clear-cut case of drunk driving with her blood alcohol level dangerously high, yet friends and family assure Detective Patrick Hedstrom that this woman never drank.

A Reality Show is being filmed in town as well, and jealousy brews as some seem to get more camera time than others.  When a party on the set ends with the murder of a contestant, no one knows who they can trust.  Of course much to the producers delight – ratings spike as people tune in (literally) to the reality show with a real murder!

Two incredibly different crimes – but are they connected?  Patrick and his new partner Hannah will just have to figure that out…




I liked the idea of The Stranger.  When the book opens with the details leading up to the car accident and all the pieces that led up to the accident – possible people involved, motives, I was deeply engagedm looking forward to an enticing story.  Then the addition of the reality show story line and the murder took me out of the zone to try to get what one would have to do with the other….

I don’t feel I became as attached to the reality show part of the book as I did with the car crash and the personal story line that follows through the book like a mysterious smoke – the relationship of Patrick and Erica was interesting as well.  I listened to this one on audio which may be a part of my disconnect but in the end, while interesting – I have no big take away from this one.

The writing is beautiful and flowed well – I did enjoy the narration.   Just because this was not a love for me, be sure to check out other opinions on this one.  🙂

Thank you to Highbridge audio for the chance to listen to and review this audio book.

10 Comments on “The Stranger by Camilla Lackberg

  1. Hmm, it does sound intriguing….I’m not a fan of reality TV, so I probably wouldn’t like that part. Thanks for sharing.

    • Not an accent – but I would say names. I can not recall now but two of the names sounded similar on the audio that would leave me thinking – ok is that his new partner – or his fiance….

  2. I have only read one book by Camilla, The Stonecutter, and I loved that one. I’d be willing to read this one…. I happen to be reality tv junkie, so maybe it would be more geared to someone like me.
    Fab review as always.

  3. Sometimes it’s difficult to get into something with two separate storylines when one is MUCH more interesting than the other – I find myself thinking, “I don’t CARE about THIS .. let’s get back to the other!” 🙂

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