Morning Meanderings… Where Do You Do The Audio You Do?


Thursday already.  Seems like this week flew by.  I feel like we have hardly grazed everything we could discuss about audio books and now the week is almost over. Did you know June is audio book month?  Really … I could talk audio the rest of the month and as you know – I review a lot of audio books. 😀

So today’s discussion question from the lovely Jen of Devourer of Books is:


What do you do while you listen? Any particular tasks or games that you find amazing for audio time?


When ever I talk about the audio I am listening to, I receive at least one comment about either 1) where do you find the time or 2) how do you listen to several at once?

The time part is easy.  My hubby and I had our kids young and currently one son is in college and the other in the Navy.  We own an excavating business which keeps my hubby busy about 12 + hours a day and he keeps farmers hours (up at 5:30 am in bed by 8:30 pm) so I have a lot of time where I am either hanging out alone or awake alone. 😀

I listen to audio:

1.  When I get up in the morning while I make the bed, shower, pick out clothes, makeup and hair and get ready for my day.  That’s usually 30 minutes of audio time.  (audio on IPOD)

2.  I go into the kitchen and while I check email and pour myself a cup of coffee or make an egg (I don’t personally make the egg -a chicken did that, I just cook it 😉 ) I listen to the audio either in the cd player or the one on my phone.  that’s about 15 – 20 minutes.

3.  When I drive to work I listen to audio in the car which is only a 3 mile drive but I listen to audio whenever I am in the car as I am usually driving alone so I listen away.  (probably about a minimum of 30 minutes a day on that one.)

4.  I listen to audio when I cook or dust, or fold clothes – any task that is not noisy when I do it.  (back to the audio on my phone or cd player)

5.  I listen to audio while I mow the lawn.  The lawn takes me about 2 1/2 hours and I love it as that is full on undiluted audio time.  (Ipod)

6.  Occasionally if I am web browsing on the weekend, I will listen to audio while I do that (phone, IPOD, or cd audio )- whichever one hold my attention at the time)

7.  Sometimes when I am filing papers or doing easy tasks that just take time, not my full attention – I listen to audio.


To answer the second question – how do I keep them straight.  I don’t really know.  They are usually quite diverse in genre as well as narration and I am able to pick up where I left off.  For instance, currently in the IPOD is Inferno by Dan Brown – male narrator, “puzzley” mystery type.  On my phone is The Last Original Wife and it is more funny, the female narrator has an awesome southern twang that I am enjoying very much.  Is This Tomorrow is the audio cd in the jeep and this is more literature style, female narrator with a raspy type even paced voice (Xe Sands is the narrator which is usually awesome – but I don’t know about this one… more on that in my review).  As you see, each is very different from the other.


To those of you who have not tried audio or think you have to sit in a chair staring at a wall to listen I hope I just showed you that audio is to be listened to and mixed in with your life.  There are so many ways to listen to audio that I do hope that either this post or a post that someone else writes on this topic today triggers for you a way that you could give it a try.  Earlier posts this week gave suggestions of what to listen to, and now you know when to listen 😀


But Sheila…. I don’t have an empty house like you do!  I have kids, and a spouse who works regular hours and it is summer so I have beach dates with other parents and …..


Anyone can carve out a little time. 😀  Go forth and walk, clean, jog, mow, do the dishes, cook, dust, drive, bake, shower, clean out the frig, organize your books, do the windows, plant your garden, pull weeds, sweep the deck, file papers, work on crafts, build something in the garage, clean the garage, mark items for a garage sale, riding on the back or a motorcycle (I have done this!) clean a closet, hang clothes on a clothes line, eat lunch, paint your nails….

all while listening to audio.  😀


Have a fab day.  It is storming out this morning and I am on day 5 of my half marathon training.  The first 3 days (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday were 3 mile walk/runs.  Yesterday was a scheduled break (there are 2 a week) and today is a 3 mile that I will be doing at the YMCA this morning before work so I had better get moving 😀 

Later tonight I am hoping it clears up and dries up so I can mow (Yes – to audio!)


27 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Where Do You Do The Audio You Do?

  1. While sorting piles of papers. That’s a great one. Every time we have people over for dinner, I push all the piles of scattered papers around the house into a box and hide it somewhere. I have at least three boxes that need sorting. That’s a couple of hours for sure. Next time I hide papers, I’ll think of it as future reading time.Thanks for the tip.

  2. My husband has similar working hours – he’s usually up between 4-4:30 and so I end up waking up then and either reading or heading to the gym! And then b/c we are up so early, we head to bed early (around 8-8:30) but I read in bed for a while…

    I’ve been able to have 2 audios going for a while now, and you are absolutely right – as long as the stories aren’t too similar, it’s quite easy to keep them separate.

    I always have an audio in the car and listen whenever I get in – even if it’s a five minute drive. I have to try to remember to turn off radio whenever I know my husband will be driving my car, as he just lets it play on…so annoying!

    Have a great day and good luck with your training! I can empathize with sticking to a training schedule – I did a 3-day, 50 mile walk in March and from Dec – Mar I was trying to get all my walks in.

    ~Kristin @ Always With a Book

  3. What I love about audio is that it’s found time. My commute is 45 minutes each way so that’s at least 90 minutes of audio a day where I would just be sitting in my car getting frustrated with traffic. That said my commute is about to disappear and I’ll have a little baby in the house (in addition to my toddler) so I’ll have to get creative with my listening time. And probably my listening choices, too. Ha!

  4. I listen while doing mundane tasks around the house. It took some getting used to but once I did, I found my house to be cleaner and not as cluttered because I find things to do so I could justify my time listening to audio! I would rather be reading than doing housework, so audios have solved that problem.

  5. I love audiobooks now, but it took me a while to warm up to them. I can manage up to two at a time. Right now I’m listening to The Red Pyramid (Rick Riordan) with my daughter as we drive to and from PT, choir, and violin lessons. I’ve been listening to Naomi Novik’s Temeraire series when I walk (outdoors or on the treadmill at the YMCA), work out (at the Y), do the laundry, wash dishes, clean the house… you get the picture. I work from home, so there’s no commuting on my own, but I even listen while I’m grocery shopping, except in during checkout or if I run into a friend. I also listen while knitting, unless it’s a complex knit requiring close attention.

  6. I listen in the car using a device to feed my iPhone through my car speakers. I also listen while cooking/cleaning in the kitchen, and while folding laundry or ironing if there’s nothing on the DVR. I have an iPod dock with speakers in key locales so I just pop my iPhone in wherever I am. I also listen while playing computer games, but I can’t do anything involving reading at the same time. I am currently enjoying Skios by Michael Frayne….I only have one audiobook on the go at a time.

  7. The only time I listen to audiobooks is when I am in my office and do not have a lot of reading on the computer to do. If I am just surfing or playing games I listen.

  8. I listen in the car driving from here to there. Before retiring I also listened in the car but got longer periods. I was teaching at a university with multiple campus locations. Grad courses were held in the evening so listening was really a joy.

    Marianne Handler

    Testing improves education the same way bombing promotes democracy. – Steve Cohn, Professor of Education, Tufts University

  9. I have just become an audio book believer. For the longest time I avoided them like the plague. My boyfriend loves them because he used to have really long epic car rides. However, I just found them odd. I didn’t think I could focus in on someone’s voice the way I can focus in on words on a page. But I got an audible subscription for my short commute after a friend told me that I had to read Will Greyson Will Greyson as an audiobook. And after that, I was hooked. I have been listening to audio books ever since. I love listening while I work out. I find that if I’m in the middle of a juicy chapter, I stay longer at the gym so I can get those last precious bits of the story. The one thing that I still miss is my ability to close read certain portions of a book. It’s a lot harder to get those great quotes highlighted and starred when you’re listening to a book.

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