Morning Meanderings… Books and Running


Good morning!  I was not planning to drop off the blogesphere yesterday but I was in charge of a 5K here in Brainerd and after getting up at 5 am and biking the route to mark it off and then setting up the event with awesome awesome awesome volunteers at 6:30 am and then being there until afternoon…

well lets just say I was shot.

A mid afternoon nap, assembling a new grill for my hubby for his Fathers Day gift, and a visit from my cousin Cheryl made for a nice evening .  We used the grill last night too.


As for books that came in the past couple of weeks here is what I have:



I have some fun reading ahead!

When you read the start of this post about the 5k know that I am not a runner.  My cousin Jarrod says if you are out and moving and not sitting on the couch yes you are a runner… but really, I don’t think I am.

However, I do want to be.

So that said, today I am starting my half marathon training.  My friend Christy and possibly a couple of others I know are planning on doing a half marathon this October.  The half marathon has been my goal for this year and frankly between our winter that lasted through April and the rain that took over May – I am way way behind.

I am still doing it.

I am using a plan called 12 Week Half Marathon. I am starting today with the Tuesday schedule – the 3 mile.  In fact, I should be on the trail in the next thirty  minutes.  After that my cousin Cheryl is meeting me to Rollerblade.  I will keep you informed here and probably on the Fitness blog I started and have neglected for the past three months 😳

Later this afternoon I am going to listen to audio while working in my hosta garden and then we will probably grill again – gorgeous out today!  And then tonight I will do some reading.  My day sounds awesome – I hope yours does too. 😀

11 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Books and Running

  1. The grill looks fantastic! What a great gift.

    I’m not a runner either, and I refuse to be one. But I hope you’ll do a great job in your training so you’ll be ready for the half marathon in October.

  2. I’m so sore!!! BF took me to do stairs, it was a big flight. I took a day of rest and then went for a half-half walk-run 5K. I have a 5K funrun in two weeks so I figured I better get on that 😉

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