However Long The Night by Aimee Molloy


In 1974, Molly Melching embarked on her adventure out of her comfortable surroundings in Illinois right into the heart of Africa.  What was supposed to be a short term mission trip of 6 months turned into something much more.

Molly, coming from an American background found that the women of Africa did not have the rights that she was used tom in fact she found some of what was happening to the women to be shocking.  (If you are not familiar with FGC, a practice in areas of Africa, look it up and get ready to cringe!)

Through Molly’s time in Africa, she helps to empower women to learn to take care of themselves, founding Tostan (,meaning “breakthrough” in the Wolof language) a foundation for human rights.  This foundation led to the drastic reduction of FGC and child forced marriages. 

However Long The Night is Molly’s story…




Breathtaking.  Painful.  Empowering.  All of these words come to mind as I try to think of what to say about this amazing read.  Always an advocate of strong independent women, I was fully engrossed in Molly’s mission.  What Molly started in Africa was that human rights were for both men and women. 

I found myself looking things up on-line to follow along even more deeply of who Molly is and what she has accomplished.  I could not get enough.

However Long The Night reads like a page turning novel.  Molly is doing the things I wish I would have been involved in when I was right out of school.  Being a part of the peace corp is right up my alley!  Molly’s story is one of the power of one person making a change in our world for the better.  She is an example of how no problem is too big and how passion and determination can truly make a difference.  A definite keeper for my book shelf.

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13 thoughts on “However Long The Night by Aimee Molloy

  1. Will definitely be reading this one thanks to your recommendation Sheila. It is amazing what just one person can do and inspire others to be a part of. My nursing gave me an early interest in that horrific practice and like you I’d have loved to have been part of peacecorp or medical aide, however my desire for children outweighed my overseas nursing dream 🙂

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