Morning Meanderings… BEA: Day 5 – Getting My Potter on (oh and the BOOKS!)


Good morning!  Happy Saturday ya all!  😀  Today will be my final BEA recap post and I will be tying it in with the Saturday Snapshot post now being done by West Metro Mommy!


BEA:  Day 5

Last Saturday was the last day of the book expo in New York and the day that for the last two years they have opened up the expo to Power Readers.  What are power readers?  They are basically book lovers like fellow bloggers, but without the blog (in most cases).   When I got up Saturday morning and went down the elevator to breakfast there were two women in the elevator with me. 

“She is going too!” I heard one say to the other.  They had seen my BEA Badge I was wearing.  I asked if they were at the expo as well and they said just today.  Power Readers.  I told them they were going to have an amazing time.  We exited the elevator and picked up our breakfast.  I had brought my lap top and was going to write until Cindy came to join me but the two Power Readers were asking questions and I got caught up in their excitement so I wound up sitting with them.  I shared my experience with the expo and as they were both book lovers and twin sisters, I found out, I suggested maybe they start a blog together.  They were excited and I gave them my info if they wanted to bounce questions off me.




Once at the expo I had to get my yearly pic behind the info desk.  If you recall, two years ago Reagan and I set there to enjoy our coffee prior to the first days opening of the expo and we had about 50 questions.  We had a blast answering the questions, we knew all the answers except one, and therefore it has become a yearly thing.  That’s how I roll….

Sure enough, Cindy took the picture for me and while I was there I answered three questions.  😀




Chris Matthews, Master of Ceremonies Helen Fielding John Lewis Diana Gabaldon
Chris Matthews
Tip and the Gipper: When Politics Worked
Simon & Schuster
(November 12, 2013)
Helen Fielding
Title TBA
Alfred A. Knopf
(November 2013)
John Lewis
March (Book One)
Top Shelf Productions
(August 13, 2013)
Photo Credit: Eric Etheridge
Diana Gabaldon
Written In My Own Heart’s Blood
Delacorte Press Hardcover
(December 10, 2013)
Photo Credit: Elenna Loughlin

I had another Author Breakfast on Saturday.  Again I sat with Jill and Candice, and Alison too.  As you can see above, this is who was speaking.  This was a great group to listen too and we were excited to learn almost first hand that Diana Gabaldon’s series is going to be a movie.  She had just found out the night before.  That is great news!  For me, that means I have work to do as I have not yet read her series. 😛

After the breakfast, I met Alison’s book club members who had come for the Power Reader day.  She was going to show them around so I went my merry way thinking I would do more browsing today then picking up books.  Uh yeah…. that is not true.  The following are a few author signings I went to:


1024x768_bestfit (63)
Jamie Ford! Author of Hotel of Bitter and Sweet and has now written another one, Songs of Willow and Frost. SQQQUUEEE!!!!
I told him my book club loved his book.


Nancy Horan author of Loving Frank has written a new book, Under The Wide and Starry Sky.


1024x768_bestfit (24)
The Harry Potter new book cover unveiling was actually earlier in the week but I forgot to post about it.
Not super clear as I had hoped but there it is…



The yearly pic of Alison and I…. not at Harper (we forgot!) but at the Penguin Bash!



Around 1:00 the expo started to wind down.  People were closing up their booths, books were no longer plentiful… it was pretty much over.  I shipped the last of my books and Cindy and I walked over to where the Potted Potter play was showing to see if we could get tickets.  We did, and we picked up the $99 tickets for $49 which was great seats.  We went to that at 5 pm and it was a BLAST!  We laughed so hard we cried and I HIGHLY recommend that if you love Hatty Potter, you have to see this show.  It is 70 minutes of all 7 books.  AMAZING!


After the show we walked over to Cake Boss (you just have to when you are in New York!) and picked up a couple of cookies to bring home for Al.


We (Cindy and I) ended the evening by meeting up with Jill, Candice, and Kathy at that Irish Pub I mentioned in my Day 1 post.  We were all leaving at different times the next day and it was fun to wrap up the week together. 

Ok and now, I hate to do this today but I am done with the BEA posts so please bear with me as I give you… the books I brought home from the expo:










Ok, that is a LONG post and I know… a lot of books.  Be sure to come back tomorrow which is my official 4 year Blogiversary where some of these books will be offered in several giveaways in celebration!  😀  (that post will go up right after midnight – central time. )

Have a great Saturday – my day is full… I have a funeral this afternoon and a birthday celebration tonight.  In between, I hope to get out in my garden a bit and work on my hostas as – it is NOT raining. 

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50 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… BEA: Day 5 – Getting My Potter on (oh and the BOOKS!)

    1. The Husbands Secret I thought looked so good and the Nally Lamb book I am excited for as well… I talked to him at two different events and never did get a picture with him…. GAH! 😛

  1. Holy cow, that’s a lot of books! I think you got twice as many as I did! It was so wonderful seeing you and hanging out with you again this year – the time just flies by while we’re there.

  2. It seems like you had a great time! I keep telling my husband I need to go – my goal is to go next year. A little nervous about going alone, but I also know it will be awesome and worth it!

    Happy Reading!


  3. Jealous. Envious. Possibly even covetous.

    Glad you had a fabulous time. Look at all those great books!

    1. when I first read this I thought it said you wanted to physically DRIVE into that pile of books and in that case I would shout “No books for you!”, but dive…. dive is a just fine statement for a book lover 😀

    1. Actually the tall book cases in the room I never purged like I did last fall with the rest of my books. These are older books that I have had for many (pre blogging) years, not necessarily ones I wish to keep. I am using my BEA boxes (some of them) to go through and send the old titles I do not plan on keeping to the Library for the fall sale.

  4. How is it possible that you and I brought home such different books?? I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to you on Saturday. My book club was unstoppable!

    I’m so glad we got our annual picture in, even if it wasn’t in the usual place.

    I had so much fun with you – and then re-living the week through your updates was equally enjoyable!

    Already looking forward to next year!

    1. Thanks Alison – always a blast with you. 😀 I too am looking forward to next year. (Except the room mate part – Cindy is not attending next tear and that part is always hard.) 😛

  5. I can’t decide what looks better the cupcakes or the piles of books! I am disappointed that Wild Cards by Simone Elkeles looks like such a slim read, I could read her writing all day long!

  6. I see we got some similar books Sheila. Your YA reviewer must be thrilled with the goodies you brought back? Potted Potter was so much fun, I have never laughed that hard, well worth the price we paid and I would so go back.

  7. Terrific post. I’m going to have to figure out how to get to BEA too. I just read Seduction by MJ Rose and I’ll be posting a review of it on June 19 then an interview with the author on June 20 if you are interested. Here’s Mine

  8. My twin and I are the Power Readers from your Day 5: Getting Your Potter on BEA update. We were not disappointed with BEA! Got to meet great authors, got some great reads and met lots and lots of other Power Readers. Already have the date saved for BEA 2014 (thank goodness it’s in NYC again).

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