Morning Meanderings… Pre Expo Madness


Good morning!  You ever have those days that coffee tastes better than other days?  This is a GOOD COFFEE day.  I am basking in the warmth of the cup while I write this post and process through my day.

Tomorrow late afternoon I will leave for the cities where I will stay overnight to catch my early Tuesday morning flight to New York.  This will be my second time ever flying alone.  My first time was last year when I went to the expo.  My roommate Cindy from Cindy’s Love Of Books is already making her way to New York via train and will get there at some point later today.

As for me and my day…. I have Church this morning, I want to get a pedicure today and finish mowing the lawn. Maybe not in that order 😛   Our bigger dog Mater will go to the kennel this afternoon as Al hubby works too much to keep him cooped up in his small kennel at home while I am away.  I need to pick up some groceries for Al.  Al wants to go the Star Trek movie this afternoon and then he said he would grill tonight so we can just hang out and relax.  That’s nice. 

I have all my clothes for New York laid out downstairs in the space bedroom/newly remodeled office.  And when I say laid out, I mean by outfits.  I am going to take a picture of them before I pack and I might even make a cheat sheet for my suitcase while I am at it.


Every year, no matter where I go that I live out of a suitcase, I almost always come home and while putting things away find something in the suitcase I forgot I had brought with.  This leads to a crazy conversation with myself that goes something like, “Oh, if I would have remembered I had brought _______________ (insert clothing item here) I could have worn __________.”!  My cheat sheet will let me know what outfits I had planned and possibly for when as well.  Do not judge me…. LOL

Tomorrow morning I work to get my office area a little more organized, and then I am off to the start of my Book Expo 2013 Adventure!  *note to self… pack energy supply*

As for books, it has been another strong book week here at Casa DeChantal:


There will definitely be post updates from New York all this next week so keep checking in – and as my blogger anniversary is in June, I always come back with a little something for my readers as well 😀

23 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Pre Expo Madness

  1. I don’t leave until Wednesday morning but I’m itching to pack already. I have my clothes hanging together, ready to go. I still need to get a lot of details taken care of too! I’m excite to see you again!

  2. I am leaving for NY on Tuesday. Staying with my son.

    I hope I see you at the Expo, but highly unlikely. If i do, i will say hello. At least I know what you look like. 🙂

    Have a great time. You always have interesting stories about the fun you had. It sounds like fun already as you are getting ready to go.


    Any advice for me or anyone going? This is only my second time attending the BEA

    Silver’s Reviews

  3. I understand the lists… if I didn’t write stuff down I wouldn’t remember my own name! Have a great trip and enjoy the Star Trek movie. That’s one of the few movies that will drag me out to the actual theater rather than wait for the DVD.

      1. Star Trek fans are saying it was great. I’ve seen every Trek movie so I’m looking forward to it. Now, just have to drag hubby to the theater … he prefers renting DVDs at home so he can sleep if he doesn’t like my movie picks! lol

  4. I am sitting here reading these comments and re-reading this post and the one you directed me to about attending the BEA and am getting more excited. I actually have things in my suitcase and outfits hanging. I am going to wear tennis shoes. I know, not the best, but I hear ya about comfy shoes.

    This year definitely will be better for me, and I am staying the full four days. Last year I only attended for one day and was a lost soul. 🙂

    THANKS, and have a GREAT time. I am so looking forward to going. 🙂

      1. Just filled out the connection form. THANKS. May not be able to meet up for dinner, but if you are at the Book Blogger Conference, I will see you there. 🙂

        What is your Twitter handle? Mine is a bit odd: @login4108

  5. What a great idea to take pics of the outfits! I’m always rushing to change between the show and the evening, but get flustered. Photos of my “quick changes” would help speed up the process!

  6. Stay safe and have fun! I am so close to NYC but I just am not ready foe BEA…it just sounds OVERWHELMING!

  7. Sounds so exciting. I’m jealous, some year I am going to make time to go to conventions. I live close to NY and MD where Malice Domestic usually is so no excuse for distance.

  8. Sheila, BEA sounds like so much fun – I would be freaking out when it comes to packing if I were going. Maybe one day I can convince my husband to go with me! I’m sure you will have an amazing time, and I cannot wait to hear about it! 🙂

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