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Hi all!  Recently Jill from Rhapsody In Books  and I were discussing a way for book bloggers going to New York for BEA to connect, plan meet ups, see who else is going they may know etc…  She was saying that Bloggers did this in D.C. at the National Book Fest and it worked great.

By doing this you can see who else will be in New York and possibly get a chance to meet them face to face.  For those of us who do wish to connect I am creating the form below for BEA attendees to fill out.  Most of the questions are optional so if there is something you do not wish to share, just leave it blank.  The week before BEA a spreadsheet will be emailed to all of you who have filled out the form so you can see who is going and perhaps connect with them if you wish to do so.

This will be my 4th time going to the Book Expo and I have to tell you that meeting some of the bloggers that you chat with on twitter and frequent their blogs is such a blast and honestly one of the highlights of attending!  Every book blogger I have met has been exactly as they are online.  Something about us readers…. we keep it real.  😀

If you are going to BEA this year please let us know – and please pass this post’s information on to others you know who are going to BEA.  Lets create a great spreadsheet of attendees!


Please feel free to take the button and link back to here to let others know about connecting for BEA 2013!

27 thoughts on “BEA: Book Bloggers Connections List

  1. Even if I’m (sadly!) not going to BEA this year, I think it’s a great idea, and I’ve tweeted this, as I know bloggers I chat with on Twitter are going. I hope you’ll have a lot of fun!

  2. My blog has primarily to do with my own audiobooks – but I’d love to meet up with book bloggers (many of whom I follow for my own reading pleasure). Can I sign on?

  3. Have fun at BEA. It’s nice you get to meet new people from the blogosphere. I’ll look forward to your BEA posts!

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