Morning Meanderings… Minnesota “Narnia Style”


Good morning!  It is Saturday and the good news is that the Minnesota Book Awards are tonight and I have a Golden Ticket to go!!!  The bad news is (and this is for you Saturday Snapshot peeps)….

Minnesota looks like this right now:


Now you may be thinking “Sheila, why are you showing us a picture of snow?  You hate winter!”

Well… that would be because this picture was taken at 6:30 am this morning when I got up.  This is the current state of my yard after Thursdays 6″ snow storm.  AND after watching the news last night… it’s not over yet, we may get more late night tonight.



Ok….moving on. 😀 

As I do now want my Saturday Spotlight pictures to be about the snowy state on Minnesota right now… I instead wish to give you pictures of…

Last weekends Chanhassen Theater!  My friends Cindy, Heidi, and Sara and I drove to Chanhassen last Friday Night and went to the Ultimate 80’s Power Balladz.  I thought it was going to be good fun 80’s (whats not to love?) I did not know it was going to be laugh out loud, laugh until you cry fun.  


We had dinner at the theater and they took us down this hall that looked like we were in some sort of Hobbit land…


It was great fun – here they were imitating Lita Ford and Ozzy Ozborne.



They had sing a longs, asked the audience questions, dressed like the 80’s…. it was fun. 

Thanks Alyce from At Home With Books for hosting Saturday Snapshot so we can talk about the fun pictures of our lives. 😀

SO… tonight’s Minnesota Book Awards is a gala.  And last weekend I bought a dress.  A spring looking dress… knee-length, white with pick and light blue flowers on it….

uhhh…. yeah.

So maybe I wear a snow suit, hat, mittens and boots and call it good?


21 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Minnesota “Narnia Style”

  1. I live in East Central Minnesota. The snow won’t stop here either. Will be looking forward to a report on The Minnesota Book Awards.

    1. I am excited about the awards – I have never been to them. Unfortunately I think my wardrobe has went from my cute spring dress I bought last weekend to black dress pants – compliments of the snow….

  2. Wow, I thought our weather was crazy this spring (spring??) We got our first snowfall of the winter 2 weeks ago, lows in the 20’s last week, and a high of 90 this week! Everyone is so confused. But a big snowfall this late would be pretty depressing! Hope you get to go to the awards tonight!


    Book By Book

  3. awww Sheila that stinks! I won’t tell you about the crystal blue sky and 72 degree weather we’ve had all day. . .instead I’ll commiserate with you about the snow and share with you that while you have pretty white snow; ours is yellow and sticky and goes by another name = pollen!
    Hope you have a blast tonight!

  4. I remember the chanhassen theater basement hallway; when my twin sister and I realized we were not comfortable down there, because we were claustrophobic

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