Morning Meanderings… We Are The Bookies. Or Are We? ;)


You know I adore my Book Club the Bookies.  I do.  I really do. They are fun and adventurous.  Last month when the book nominated to read was Ruth Reichl’s Garlic and Sapphires, the true story of a New York Times food critic in disguise it was suggested that we too arrive in disguise….

and so we did.


Seriously…. I love these women.  7 of us dressed up.  I laughed as each entered my house – and I laughed because these are memories in the making.  Brenda’s husband (hot blond – back row) said as she left “I think you really enjoy this part of book club, the dressing up.” 

I think we do too…

We are probably too old to trick or treat – but we can do this. 😀

I love that a couple of the girls posted their pictures on Facebook about their book club…

Lori’s facebook post says: “This is Cassandra , she went to book club tonight and had a blast…. thank you lovely ladies and gentleman 😉 see you next month!”

and Kaydi’s said…

Kaydi’s facebook post says “There she is”.
We called her ‘Gwen’ all night.

Last night Angie brought us a Chocolate tasting.  She had everything we needed, the sheets to vote and the chocolate.  It was different and fun.  I love that we go the extra mile time and again.


I love that we are adventurous.  I love that not only does someone make a suggestion… we usually do it.  It’s a way for once a month a group of awesome girls who love books to get together and have fun. 

15 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… We Are The Bookies. Or Are We? ;)

    1. It was a mix of favorites Kathy 😀 We all had a chocolate tasting mat and we individually voted on appearance, taste, sound (yes – sound!), taste and texture… it was actually a lot of work to figure this out for 6 pieces of chocolate and it gave us a new appreciation for what food critics must do. My fav was #3 and it was a candy bar I had never heard of before.

  1. boardinginmyforties

    Your book club sounds like a lot of fun. I think all of the different ways you find to mix it up and make it fun really seem to pay off!

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