The Best Of Us by Sarah Pekkanen


If you have read Sarah Pekkanen’s books before… know this is Sarah style…. all grown up.  Steamy good!

~ Sheila

Tina barely recognizes herself in the mirror anymore.  With 4 children under the age of ten she feels like she drops into bed as early as possible and still wakes up tired.  She is barely hanging on and is only in her mid 30’s…

Allie looks together on the outside.  She runs every morning, has managed to keep her cheerleader figure, and has the type of marriage that is enviable.  Yet  Allie is holding on to a secret that is eating her thoughts up day and night…

Savannah has always been the looker.  She can still turn guys heads and likes to do it.  She enjoys a good party, loves the attention on her, and smiles a beautiful smile hoping no one will see behind the look of perfection, she hides her husband’s infidelity.

Pauline married Dwight and knows she married well.  Dwight is quiet and a little socially awkward but he is beyond rich and Pauline wants for nothing.  Pauline can’t exactly say she married for love, but she has grown to love Dwight and all of his awkwardness.  When the idea comes to her to throw him an over the top birthday party with his friends from college and their spouses…. Pauline did what she does best – she plans the ultimate get together that no one can refuse.

When invites arrived at the homes of Tina, Allie, and Savannah for a week-long all expense trip to a luxury villa in Jamaica to celebrate their college friends 35th birthday – it was the invite of a lifetime.  As they pack their bags and plan for the trip, the friends have no idea the extra baggage each one is secretly carrying.

Sarah and I at the Book Expo in New York, 2011
Sarah and I at the Book Expo in New York, 2011

Sarah Pekkanen taps into the pulse of many of us when we are in our 30’s.  Life is starting to take shape… marriage, family, careers, bills, homes… and trying to juggle it all when in some ways you still feel like you are too young to be dealing with all of this and when and HOW did it happen?  Where did the freedoms of youth go?

Now, imagine that a “blast from the past” comes a knocking on your door in the form of an invitation to the life break that your heart longs for… even without all the extra bells and whistles that are added into the trip Sarah Pekkanen has in this book, it is a sweet sounding deal!  Although I admit, the extra awesomeness added to the trip in the book was fun to imagine!

In The Best Of Us, four couples are brought together for the trip of a lifetime.  What really makes this work is that you as the reader get to spend time getting to know each of the couples, as each is dealing with something, even if it is not on the surface when the story begins.  It is amazing what can happen in a week and we deal with it all – the good, the bad, and the ugly… all is revealed. 

Fans of Sarah Pekkanen’s previous books are in for a different taste as The Best Of Us is written a little bolder and with more adult content.  Don’t feel that change is bad, The Best Of Us is filled with Sarah’s great writing, humor, and I for one was thrilled to go along on this trip, and I think you will too. 

You can purchase The Best Of Us Here

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11 thoughts on “The Best Of Us by Sarah Pekkanen

  1. I loved Skipping A Beat and it sounds like this has a similar style. You say “all grown up”, that is it exactly. There’s a certain originality to her work that is hard to place.

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