Book Chat with Author Randall Arthur


Let me just start by giving you my background story with this author.  I read Randall Arthur’s books Wisdom Hunter  as well as Jordan’s Crossing and Brotherhood of Betrayal and enjoyed them so much I became a stalker of his work… waiting and waiting for that next great read.  As time went on I could not find any info of any upcoming books so sadly, stopped checking.  Then, he contacted me several months ago to let me know he had a new book out and asked if I would review it.  Has the word “yes, ever been typed faster?  Forgotten Road was everything I enjoyed about Randall’s writing and more… it was real, and painfully so and that was exactly what I had always enjoyed about his writing… Randall does not take the easy road…

but the real one.  The one that I walk, the one that many of you walk…  the hard one at times.

Please welcome, Randall Arthur.


Should I call you Randall or Randy?


Randall:  Randall.  It keeps things more consistent with my recognized name as an author.



Randall it is.  Are you a coffee drinker?  And if you are, how do you take it?


Randall:  This is no exaggeration; I drink maybe 5 cups of coffee a year.  A couple of times I will drink it black, other times I will add a bit of cream.



Ummm…  I am sorry, “5 cups a year” does not compute.  😛 Just kidding.  So, as you know, I am a big fan of your past writing and was so excited when Forgotten Road came to be.  What was the reason for the large time span between the books?


Randall:  First of all, let me say I am not a full-writer.  I write only in my spare time.  Secondly, I wrote Wison Hunter, Jordan’s Crossing, and Brotherhood of Betrayal during the years I lived in Europe.  The pace of life was a bit slower; therefore; I had a greater amount of spare time to write.  Over the last twelve years I’ve lived in the United States, the pace of life for me and my family has been absolutely maddening, with many distractions.  I’ve honestly had less spare time to write. 



Forgotten Road was certainly worth the wait and I also found this newest book to be significantly different from your previous books.  Why did you choose to write this story?


Randall:  I don’t see Forgotten Road as being significantly different.  In all my books, including Forgotten Road, I try to create characters who – because of extremely bad choices or extraordinary courageous choices to live contrary to the cultural norm – win the readers deep interest.  We need these type of characters who will challenge our world views and our average behavior.



Very well put Randall.  Forgotten Road deals with an incredibly hard subject, the death of a child; and I was amazed by the way you wrote that particular part of the book.  What was writing about such a hard topic like, and what was the effect you were hoping it would have?


Randall:  The death of the child in Forgotten Road is a scene-by-scene re-creation of a real life tragedy that happened to a two-year-old son of a lifelong friend.  The book was written in memory of this little boy.  I wanted this part of the story to draw the reader into the main character’s overwhelming shock and pain. I wept as I wrote it. 



What is the one thing, if you had to choose only one, that you hope reader’s would take away from this book?


Randall:  I learned years ago that any one of my books can relay myriad messages, even a few messages that I never even thought of.  With that said, one of the main messages of Forgotten Road, as least from my perspective, is that God can not be manipulated by our faith, and that He is not predictable.  Subsequently, we must learn to trust and love Him regardless of the pain and discomfort He allows to come our way.  He knows ultimately what is best for us.  We must learn – despite our massive self-centeredness – that we are not the center of the universe and are not entitled to everything good and easy. 



With my fingers crossed, I have to ask, any more books in progress?


Randall:  Yes. I hope that my first nonfiction book will be released sometime in the next 18 months.  Beyond that, I have at least two more books of fiction that I eventually would like to put into writing. 



A nonfiction?  I will be keeping my eyes open for that one!  Any other thoughts you would like to share?


Randall:  My goal as a writer of Christian Fiction is to rip the smiling mask off American Christianity and tell stories that portray true-to-life-struggles, true-to-life-thoughts, true-to-life-reactions, and true-to-life-journeys.  As a result, my first book Wisdom Hunter got me fired from a mission agency in 1992 after serving that agency for 17 years.  Even though being fired was devastating at the time, I now count it as a badge of honor.  Granted, Forgotten Road will not be as controversial, but I am pleased to the max that the reviews of Forgotten Road – from both men and women – have already exceeded all my expectations.



Wow Randall, thank you for sharing with us so openly.  There is something powerful about being kicked out of our comfort zones.  I have my own stories of such, and so do many of my friends.  I know I truly appreciate that in your books… they are not sugar sweet, they are hard stories but they come across as real life if we like to admit it or not.  It has been a pleasure chatting with you.


Randall:  Thanks Sheila for being a fan, and for your special interest in Forgotten Road.  I am truly honored. 


Please check out Randall Arthur’s website here

You can find his books here:

Forgotten Road

Wisdom Hunter

Jordan’s Crossing

Brotherhood of Betrayal


8 thoughts on “Book Chat with Author Randall Arthur

  1. I haven’t read any of these books, Sheila, but I enjoyed your chat with Randall. I do like the idea of an author showing us true-to-life struggles, thoughts, reactions, and journeys.

  2. I love interviews with authors I’m not familiar with. It gives me exposure to authors and their work in a way that almost compells me to give a book a read. And I love the cover of this one.

  3. I remember reading your reviews of this author’s works and how you raved about them. Reading your interview with the author stirred my curiosity once again. I have the list of books from this author on my list of books to read.

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